How to Become a Legendary Marketer

legendary marketer

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how to become a legendary marketer
Market, marketing, marketer.

Marketing is one of the most important things that few people stop to consider. On a daily basis, people are exposed to thousands of advertisements, both on a micro and macro level.

And yet it’s pretty rare for most of these ads to stand out. What’s the trick to establishing memorable brands and campaigns that will bring in millions of dollars?

The answer is simple: become a legendary marketer.

Failure to properly market a business is one of the biggest reasons for businesses shutting down today. So those that want to get ahead in today’s fast-paced marketing world pay attention.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to become a legendary marketer in a short amount of time.

Accept That It’s Hard Work

The journey to becoming an expert marketer begins with one simple truth: to become a legend, one must be willing to earn that status.

It’s impossible to be both an expert marketer and a lazy businessperson. Marketing is, at its core, a hard, creative, labor-intensive craft.

Nothing in the marketing world is handed over or given. Everything has to be earned, and the sooner that’s accepted, the sooner one can become a legend.

It’s going to take thousands of hours, tons of hard work, and a whole lot of sacrifice. Not everyone has what it takes, and that’s okay. It’s important to analyze how much one really wants to be a [eafl id=”1986″ name=”DD End Financial Stress” text=”legendary marketer”].

Those that put in the hours are sure to find an exciting and worthwhile career.

Ask ‘Why?’

The vast majority of work in the marketing field is concerned with one question: how?

But before getting the corner office and expensive suits, start from square one by asking a far more complicated question.


Why become a legendary marketer in the first place? Why not become a car salesperson or a banker or one of the thousands of other careers?

Legendary marketers are hungry for success because they have something that drives them each and every day.

Asking why is a great way to determine what an individual values in the marketing world and whether or not its truly the best career path.

Establish an Identity

Each week, millions of people tune in the popular ABC series Shark Tank. For the unfamiliar, the premise is rather simple. Hungry, young entrepreneurs bring their best ideas in front of a panel of potential investors including Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary.

Surprisingly, the show is a hit. So why would so many people want to watch others risk their money for a life-changing investment?

It’s simple: because each of the investors has established his or her own identity.
Viewers tune in for the marketers themselves because they’re not faceless corporations. They’re people, with very real thoughts and feelings.

Part of marketing is personality, so don’t be afraid to stand out simply by being yourself.

Consider Niche Marketing

Since marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry, it seems logical that people would flock to it. But there are so many people out there that try and master it all that they never really perfect one skill.

Let their mistake be your advantage. Don’t worry about all types of marketing, focus on one or a few.

It’s great to go where the money is, but it’s going to be hard to get anywhere if the market is too big. Think of what interests you on an individual level and work from there.

Consider learning skills like digital marketing, content marketing, or website development. These are among the most in-demand types of marketing out there in today’s world.

Shadow The Experts

So far, we’ve dealt with a lot of hypothetical situations. And for some, that may be more than enough to become the next great legendary marketer.

But most people tend to learn by doing rather than reading or seeing. That’s precisely why it’s recommended that newer marketers try and shadow more experienced marketing legends.

Get out there and make some friends. Network with local marketers and ask about shadowing their office for a day. You’ll learn so much by seeing what really goes on in a marketing department.

If that seems too difficult or intimidating, never be afraid to reach out. Ponder the types of marketers that one could really admire, then send them an email.

Most people are more than happy to talk about their success or offer a few words of advice. Don’t be afraid to get out there, there’s no telling who a future marketer could meet!

Make Mistakes

If readers take away nothing else, let it be known that mistakes are often the best learning tools one has.

It’s crucial to stop viewing mistakes as failures and start thinking of them as learning opportunities. No one gets it right 100 percent of the time, especially in marketing.

In fact, some of the world’s biggest brands often make costly mistakes.

Remember the Arch Deluxe from McDonald’s? Probably not. What about the flop that was Crystal Pepsi? If these products strike a chord, it isn’t because of fond memories — it’s because they didn’t work.

But the companies took these lessons to heart and improved. The latter even made a huge comeback recently! A legendary marketer in the making needs to do the same.

The ability to pick oneself up, dust themselves off, and learn from those past mistakes truly sets a wannabe apart from a legendary marketer.

Never Stop Learning

Finally, anyone who wants to be a legendary marketer needs to understand that no matter how much schooling they’ve had, how much they’ve done, or how much money they’ve made, there’s still so much to learn.

And that’s extra important in today’s fast-paced, digitally-oriented world!

Marketing trends change at a moment’s notice, so keep an eye out. Find trusted news sources or blogs and read as much as possible. The more information a marketer arms themselves with, the more successful they’ll be.

Want to Become a Legendary Marketer?

There’s no surefire, easy way to become a marketing legend or successful enterperneur. But keep these tips in mind and work hard.

Interested in learning more about marketing and making money online?  [eafl id=”1986″ name=”DD End Financial Stress” text=”This is a great place to start.”]

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