Success Is About Making Progress

success is about making progress

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Most of society is obsessed with instant gratification.

The quick fix doesn’t exist. Focus on making progress instead.  As Jim Rohn once said, “Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals.”

Some one asked me once, “what is success to you?” I answered by saying “When you strip everything away to it’s core, success is just progress.  If you are constantly improving, moving forward, and progressing in life, you are being successful”.  When you focus on developing yourself in all areas of your life, over come barriers and work on progressing financially, economically, educationally, spiritually, emotionally, etc. then you are improving.

You are successful when you are gradually making strides toward a greater goal.

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That’s much different than what most of society sees success as isn’t it?  Rather than waiting until you have finally accomplished the goal, under this definition you can celebrate your success as you achieve progressive smaller steps and move towards the eventual accomplishment of your longer term goals.

In other words, you can be successful every day so long as you are taking positive actions and making progress towards your goals.   Source  – Leadership Management Australasia

Success is about making progress.

Without continual growth & progress, words like improvement, achievement, & success have no meaning. ~ B. Franklin

It doesn’t matter what your goals or dreams are, just focus on getting one step closer or 1% better everyday. If you stay passionate, persistent, and patient on what your are doing and keep the end in mind you’ll achieve all of your goals in time.

Remember, everything worth doing, having or becoming ALWAYS takes more time and action than you think.

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