About Dave Brown

I’m a multi-faceted entrepreneur who specializes in real estate investing, SEO, and internet marketing. I work with new and experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to create and implement a strategy that will help achieve their business goals. Over the last 4 years I have worked with hundreds of real estate investors and aspiring entrepreneurs .

I want to awaken people and inspire would-be entrepreneurs to escape the “rat race”, so they can pursue the American Dream and live more fulfilled lives.  Everyone has untapped potential, harness it and create the life you want to live. The moment you decide that you want something more is the moment you start shaping your world, rather than being shaped by it. Too many people walk through life a sleep at the wheel, I want to wake them up.

That’s what our mission is all about at American Snippets.  We share inspiring stories and interviews of positivity, possibility, and patriotism.  Through our podcast, mentoring community, and events we help propel people into action.  We want to re-ignite that spark within you, by showing you the exceptional things being done by Americans all across this great country. Success leaves clues.

One of the perks of defining your own success is having more time to do the things you’re passionate about.  And to be able to do those things with the people you love and care for the most.  Life should be about making an impact and creating memories for those you cherish most. 

Outside of real estate, coaching, and entrepreneurship I’m also a father of two,  a huge basketball fan and outdoor enthusiast.  My purpose  is to remind people that their Dreams are attainable if they are willing to work hard and get out of their comfort zone to claim it.

Dave Brown Entrepreneur real estate investor

Everyone should aspire to dream more, learn more, and become more. It all starts with a commitment, a decision to do one small thing everyday to reach your goals. When you do that the life you once imagined for yourself will be just around the corner!

Dave Brown

Co-Founder American Snippets & VP Veterans Investing


I’m often asked to mentor others, and the way I do this is through our podcast at American Snippets so I can maximize my time and impact more people. If you have a question, I’ve probably answered it on one of our episodes. Please say hi over on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter as I love to hear how our episodes and guests are impacting you and the lessons you are learning along your own journey to success.  – Dave Brown

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