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What my clients and students say

I've know Dave for a long time and if you haven't worked with him or taken advantage of his coaching you should do that immediately. Dave's the real deal, he's a real person, and he cares about your success.
Josh Schoenly
We've been #1 on Google for 'We Buy Houses Miami' since we began working with Dave in 2012. This past year we closed our biggest wholesale deals ever from SEO, one of them was a 75k profit. Dave's coaching and service works.
gabriel garcia
Gabriel Garcia
I've learned so many different things. Not just about business, real estate, and podcasting but about life in general, having the right mindset, and going after stuff that fuels my purpose.
Greg Helbeck
I've know Dave for a long time and if you haven't worked with him or taken advantage of his coaching you should do that immediately. Dave's the real deal, he's a real person, and he cares about your success."
kent clothier real estate worldwide
Kent Clothier

About Dave Brown

Dave Brown is a lifestyle entrepreneur, real estate investor, podcast host and coach. Utilizing digitial marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) Dave has built a multi 6-figure real estate investment business and marketing company. He is a rock star in the field of real estate marketing, social media, podcasting and content creation.  He is a proud father and devoted husband who is passionate about marketing, flipping houses, networking, basketball, and running. Dave believes anyone can live the American dream and pursue their passions if they just decide to rise above the limitations they impose on themselves.

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Real Estate

Real Estate Investing and wholesaling is the driving force behind Dave Brown's success as a real estate investor, coach and lifestyle entrepreneur. Duplicate his business here.


My coaching is built for the “high achieving” and newer investor who wants to leverage the internet to grow their brand, build credibility and generate leads from the search engines.


Dave Brown is the co-host of the American Snippets Podcast. Inspiring interviews and stories that will motivate you to go after and live your American Dream.

Passion In Marketing and Personal Growth With Roots In Real Estate

Dave Brown’s mission and purpose is to empower people who want true and lasting change in their lives. He loves helping people create freedom and pursue their passions so they can start living the dream.

Dave Brown’s life’s trajectory changed when he lost he father at the young age of three. Notwithstanding the strong love of his mother, Dave couldn’t help but feel the void where his father should have been. Missing those life lessons passed from a father to a son, Dave always felt one step behind.

It was difficult for Dave to find his footing and learn to trust in his own strengths. He experienced painful setbacks before realizing his own potential, but more importantly, he found his WHY in that struggle; he vowed to be the father to his own children, that he’d never had.

The invaluable life lesson of valuing time over all else is the driving force behind Dave’s entrepreneurial path. He cherishes the time he has with his children and strives to lead them by example. He’ll never miss a chorus concert, basketball practice, or turn down a chance to chaperone a field trip because of work or the “9-5” grind.

Dave’s entrepreneurial fate was sealed when his daughter was born. At the time, he held a demanding position in the restaurant business, and soon realized that position would significantly limit the time he would be able to spend with his new family. Dave knew he had to choose a different path – a path that didn’t require late nights and living for the weekend. He made the decision then and there that he would never trade time for money.

Duplicate Dave's Real Estate Wholesale Business

Real estate is one of the best ways to achieve more freedom in your life so you can cash in on your own American Dream but the key is having the right blueprint.  Dave has closed hundreds of real estate deals and has coached over 100 students nationwide showing them how to utilize the same systems and training he’s personally used to build a multiple 6-figure real estate investment business.

Discover the easiest way to get started in real estate and the systems you must have to be successful.

One Cannot Achieve Great Success Without Adversity And Failure

Dave Brown has been in the real estate industry for almost two decades. In that time he’s honed his skills as a successful internet marketer, real estate investor and expert in the field of content marketing.

This experience and these unique skill sets have been the driving force for his success as an entrepreneur. Dave has spent the last 4 years teaching hundreds of experienced and novice entrepreneurs alike. He is passionate about assisting others in obtaining their own success.

One of the perks of defining his own success is having more time to do the things he is just as passionate about. Outside the life of investing and marketing he is also a father, son, friend, sports fan and outdoor enthusiast. He is committed to making a bigger impact in the world and always takes time to remind people that the American Dream is alive and well for anyone that wants to get out of their comfort zone to claim it.

Dave has been successful in many ventures in his life and he understands and embraces the lesson that with one cannot achieve great success without failure. He’s fallen and failed harder than he sometimes thought he could recover from, but has never given up. Instead, he has taken the knowledge, insight, and experience from those failures and used them as powerful lessons for his biggest achievements.

Everything in your life and mine has happened based on our past actions or inactions. As Dave has gotten older and wiser he realizes all the the things that happened in his life up to this very moment is by no means accidental.

He understands that there are no coincidences, and no such thing as luck. People who prepare, take action, and never give up make their own luck. You’re either preparing to succeed by taking action to always get better, or preparing to ponder what you missed out on by sitting on your butt and settling on where you are in life.

Dave firmly believes that whatever you can dream you can achieve and that anyone can design a life around their grandest goals, dreams and passions by rising above their limitations and achieving true freedom for themselves and their families.

If you’re an entrepreneur, or want to become one, Dave has some great insights and experiences that can help you along your journey.

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American Snippets Podcast

Dave Brown is an investor and lifestyle entrepreneur. Barbara Allen is a Gold Star wife, author, and speaker. Together Barb and Dave bring you inspiring stories from an all-star lineup of guests. These are exceptional Americans who will not simply inspire you but propel you into action in your own life.  Dave and Barb’s  guests  share compelling stories of positivity, possibility, and patriotism that can help you get one step closer to living your own American Dream.  Don’t just be inspired. Be exceptional.