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Dave Brown, a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, & Coach

Double Down On Your American Dream

live the life you want to live

Take the “perfect day” vision exercise and discover 10 steps that will help you get clear on what you want.


Real Estate Marketing​

Over the last five years I've perfected an online marketing process that has generated thousands of motivated sellers leads. I'm now sharing that process with a handful of qualified investors across the country. Download My Insiders Guide Now!

Our Community

The Great American Syndicate is for those who believe in freedom and the American Dream. It's where freedom-loving, patriotic Americans, and high-achievers go to get their next BIG breakthrough. Get your FREE T-Shirt and join our tribe today.

Veterans Investing U

Veterans Investing University is for Veterans, Active Duty, Military spouses, Dependents, and Gold Star Families ONLY. Learn real estate investing, wholesaling, rehabbing (and more) from the industry's best. Enroll in our FREE course today.

About Dave Brown

Dave Brown is a lifestyle entrepreneur, real estate investor, podcast host and coach. Utilizing digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) Dave has built multiple 6-figure businesses in real estate investing and marketing. He is a rock star in the field of real estate SEO, social media, podcasting and content creation. He is a proud father and devoted husband who is passionate about marketing, flipping houses, networking, basketball, and running. Dave believes anyone can live the American dream and pursue their passions if they just decide to rise above the limitations they impose on themselves.

Dave Brown

Take A Stand For Patriotism, Freedom, And The American Dream

American Snippets Podcast Dave Brown

American Snippets Podcast

American Snippets is a patriotic and entrepreneurial mindset driven interview show that inspires people to go after their American Dream.

The show is hosted by Barbara Allen and Dave Brown. Barbara Allen is a military widow turned entrepreneur, award-winning author, and speaker. Dave Brown is a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and life coach.

Together, Barb and Dave share inspiring stories from real Americans, doing exceptional things, in real life. Whether they are celebrities, entrepreneurs, military heroes, business leaders, or small-town heroes, each guest is a shining example of the American Spirit.

Barb and Dave are committed to their mission in creating a culture that celebrates our nation, our freedoms, and the patriotic values we hold so dear.  It’s time to come together, united by our love of country, to celebrate all the things that make America great.

Don’t just be inspired. Be Exceptional.

What Dave's clients and students say

I've know Dave for a long time and if you haven't worked with him or taken advantage of his coaching you should do that immediately. Dave's the real deal, he's a real person, and he cares about your success.
Josh Schoenly
We've been #1 on Google for 'We Buy Houses Miami' since we began working with Dave in 2012. This past year we closed our biggest wholesale deals ever from SEO, one of them was a 75k profit. Dave's coaching and service works.
gabriel garcia
Gabriel Garcia
I've learned so many different things. Not just about business, real estate, and podcasting but about life in general, having the right mindset, and going after stuff that fuels my purpose.
Greg Helbeck
I've know Dave for a long time and if you haven't worked with him or taken advantage of his coaching you should do that immediately. Dave's the real deal, he's a real person, and he cares about your success."
kent clothier real estate worldwide
Kent Clothier

Duplicate Dave's Real Estate Wholesale Business​

Real estate is one of the best ways to achieve more freedom in your life so you can cash in on your own American Dream but the key is having the right blueprint.  Dave has closed hundreds of real estate deals and has coached over 100 students nationwide showing them how to utilize the same systems and training he’s personally used to build a multiple 6-figure real estate investment business.