Understanding the Duplicate Dave Marketing System

duplicate dave legendary marketing system

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Looking to get started in marketing but don’t know where to get started?  We’re sharing what to know about the Duplicate Dave marketing system!

The marketing world is buzzing about an affiliate marketing program by the name of Duplicate Dave. This marketing system is the brainchild of internet marketing guru David Sharpe.

The Duplicate Dave marketing system promises students will make money while learning how to make money online.  This earn-as-you-learn Duplicate Dave Marketing System is still in its pre-launch phase.

But it’s never too early to get informed about it. We’ve got all the details on Duplicate Dave laid out below. 

Have you been contemplating ways to make money online? Is working from home something you’ve been seriously considering? Then Duplicate Dave might be a great fit for you. 

What you need to know about Duplicate Dave

Duplicate Dave is the latest project of Legendary internet marketer David Sharpe

Despite his enormous success, Sharpe started out in very humble beginnings. He’s a high school dropout and became a father at 16. He has also battled substance abuse problems.

But for Sharpe those days are long gone. His life has spun around 360 degrees. He’s now a giant in the online marketing and internet sales industry.

Take a look at these facts on Sharpe’s financial success:

  • He co-founded the massively successful MLM affiliate company Empower Network. 
  • His online sales total over $170 million with over 300,000 customers.
  • He has founded three multi-million dollar companies.

Sharpe’s track record in the make money online marketplace is impressive. He’s a trusted voice in the affiliate marketing community.

An illness and falling out with the Empower Network co-founder caused Sharpe to leave that company. However, he’s continued to find success and Duplicate Dave is his latest venture.

Duplicate Dave The Opportunity

Duplicate Dave Legendary Marketer (Duplicate Dave) is an educational training course and marketing system. It teaches how to become an internet marketer and offers “earn as you learn”.

The course focuses on how to duplicate Sharpe’s approach to internet marketing. It claims you will only need to work 30 minutes a day to earn income while training. The training format consists of live events and marketing education.

Course material includes:

  • Ad placement: Direction on where to place ads.
  • Selling premium price products
  • Email marketing
  • Sales conversion strategies
  • Use of sales funnels, marketing copy, and videos.
  • How to market your business 
  • Back-end support:
    • Access to Sharpe’s personalized marketing copy and sales funnels
    • Access to his personal phone team to help students close sales. 

That’s right. Duplicate Dave lets affiliates use Sharpe’s sales funnels, ad copy and email follow ups. Advertising resources and phone sales closers are also part of the deal. Exciting stuff!

Duplicate Dave allows the average person to learn a marketing system while they earn money. It will teach new marketers strategies to win sales conversions.

Sales revenue is split between Sharpe’s company and the student.  

Course Fees

A quick scan reveals that the price of Duplicate Dave is not on the website.

The cost of the program, commission rates, and other details are not published. The site suggests interested students should schedule a phone consultation. A Duplicate Dave staff member will then contact them by phone.

However, we did a little digging around the web and found some more info. Let’s talk about the program’s affiliate structure first.

Duplicate Dave Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Affiliates can earn on 4 levels. Let’s look at some of the details below. 

  • Bronze: Affiliates earn 5% for each product package at this free level without owning the product. 
  • Silver: Affiliates earn 40% for each product package as a qualified product owner. 
  • Gold: Affiliates earn 50% for each $50 a month for each product package as a qualified product owner. 
  • Diamond: Affiliates earn 60% for each $100 a month for each product package as a qualified product owner.

Package Fees

  • Sign up for free to earn 5% on each product level.
  • As a qualified product owner the course fee is $30 per month. You’re paid based on what level you’re at. 
  • $179 is the annual course fee.
    • You’ll be paid based on what level you’re at.
  • $3000 for the Millions from Marketing Live event.
  • $8000 for the Total Transformation Live event.
  • All In One Package
    • 1 year access to the Legendary Marketers Club
    • Access to the Private Traffic Rolodex
    • Live Stream Access and 2 Tickets To Millions From Marketing Live Workshop
    • Live Stream Access and 2 Tickets To Total Transformation Live Experience
    • Acceptance into The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program
    • One VIP ticket to the Sales and Marketing Experience live event. 

Is Duplicate Dave An ‘MLM’ Marketing System?

The quick answer is “NO”. It’s a structured affiliate marketing system that offers more than financial benefits. But it has an added advantage.

It teaches newbie marketers the skills to master affiliate marketing. And you’re getting this from the one of the world’s top internet marketers.

Duplicate Dave – The Final Word

duplicate daveDave Sharpe is a tremendous force in the affiliate marketing field. So there’s a high chance the Duplicate Dave marketing system will be successful. His followers will likely flock to this exciting marketing system course.  We see a lot of people are already seeing a success Duplicating Dave.

We do know Sharpe’s expertise as a top of the line internet marketer is legit and if you’re willing to follow his lead, learn and apply the knowledge you found inside this system you may see some great results too.His almost 200 million dollar empire proves his ability to manage a large affiliate network. Of course nothing is a guarantee…it takes hard work and persistence.  

Do you have what it takes to Duplicate Dave?

Will his success equate to prosperity for his affiliate marketing students? It just might. It is encouraging that Duplicate Dave allows you to use his successful blueprint.

So, I recommend you at least give the program a try like like I did. Check out the free training and see if it’s a good match for you.  For a free training and more info on the Duplicate Dave Marketing System click here. [ You can register for the FREE Training here]

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