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How To Find Motivated Sellers Online Using SEO - Dave Brown: Real Estate Investor & Lifestyle Entrepreneur

How To Find Motivated Sellers Online Using SEO

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The Step By Step Process To Attract And Find Motivated Sellers Online Using SEO.

If you’re serious and want to find motivated sellers online then you need to start using the right keywords.Keywords are the foundation to marketing online and SEO.  Is SEO Worth It?  

You’ve heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and why it’s so important if you want to generate leads and more importantly find motivated seller online. But, my guess is that you are still wondering how SEO works, how to “hack” it so it’s something that you can implement easily without being a “techie”… and how it can help you get more leads and do more deals as a real estate investor.

First Off… let’s tackle the obvious question that we get a lot. Is SEO really going to make a difference for me? Is it worth it to spend time and/or money on it?

I get this question a few times a week. People wanting to know if it’s something they should really focus on or whether they should just forget it and focus on something else. The answer is…”it depends”.

I say “it depends’ because SEO is only worth as much as the keywords you’re trying to rank for. If the keywords (which I’ll explain below… and we’ll give you our in this blog post) that your real estate investor website is ranking for aren’t getting searched much… or they’re getting searched by the *wrong* people… then you’re going to be wasting a lot of time.

If the motivated seller keywords you try to rank your website for are what we call “money terms”… then ranking well for those terms can bring a flood of traffic to your site… and more leads… and hopefully more deals.

So, if you have a strategic plan for which keywords will produce solid motivated seller leads online for you… then YES, SEO can be well worth it. As a real world example, we run a website in the real estate world that gets about 600 – 800 website visitors a month 100% through SEO. We generate about 2-3 opt in leads a day from it. And it doesn’t cost us a dime. Is that something you’d like? Probably.

What Are Keywords Anyway?

keywordsSo, keywords are really a pretty simple concept. Whenever someone goes to Google (or any other search engine) and types something in that they’re looking for… Google delivers search results that it thinks match up to the search term. As an example… if you’re looking for an real estate attorney in your town… you may go to Google and type in “real estate attorney in [your city here]”… or “best real estate attorney in [your city here]”. You get the idea. As far as we’re concerned, that whole phrase that you searched… is a “keyword phrase”.

Basically, you want to find out what your prospect is actually “Googling” to find the solutions you can provide… and you want to use those exact search phrases as the “keywords” you’re trying to rank for on your website.

Relating this to real estate investing… as you’ll see in the keywords swipe file you can download in this article, you can see that the term “we buy houses” (22,000 times a month) gets searched many many many times more than “sell my home fast” (4,400 times a month).  Just a small difference gets 18,000 extra motivated sellers looking up that specific term each month.

That right there illustrates the importance of keywords… and knowing the right keywords to try to rank for. After all… it’s as much work to rank well for a terrible keyword term as it is to rank well for an effective one…so you might as well rank for ones that give you the most leverage. Right?  So how do you find the most effective keywords to find motivated sellers online?

Effective Keywords To Find Motivated Sellers Online

I’d love to say that this step is some hocus-pocus magical formula that only the rich and powerful have access to. But, I’d be lying.  In fact, most of the tools that we use to dig up the keywords we’ll be ranking for are 100% free. You just need to invest a bit of time into learning psychology and how people work to really be a kick butt “keyword sleuth”.

Here are the tools that we use to do our Keyword Research to find motivated sellers online:

The FREE Google Keyword Tool – Just type in a word or a phrase… and it’ll tell you how many times it’s searched each month.  Check out the Google Keyword Tool and Planner Here.

– “Google Search Hack” Method – Basically… Google’s “suggested searches” are a goldmine for actual keywords people are typing into Google.  All you have to do is type a word or phrase into Google…then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see the related searches and keywords.  See image below

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.46.58 AM

What To Do With The Keywords Once You Have Them

The last important step is to actually use the keywords you just got your hands.  This part is simple…but it’s the most mundane and time consuming too.  It’s the part that most people end up quitting before they see any real results.  So, if you are not the type of person who follows through effectively then building a marketing plan with SEO to find motivated seller leads online may not be right for you.

However,  if you don’t mind putting in the time and hard work in exchange for great, long-lasting results then you this can absolutely work for you.

That gets to me the next step.  It’s time to now take those keywords you’ve organized… prioritize on the top keywords you want your site to rank well… and other secondary keywords that you could rank for as well. Generally you want to pick one main keyword phrase that you want your website’s home page to rank for… then let your “internal pages” (your blog posts, pages on your site, etc.) rank for the other keywords.

Now this article is about how to find motivated sellers online but this process is the same for cash buyers and even private lenders too.  As an example, let’s say you have a cash buyer website and you do business in Miami.  One of the most popular keywords that people type in for this is “Investment properties in [city]”… so that would be a safe bet that if you could rank in the top 3 or so results in google for “investment properties in Miami”… that you’ll get leads.  See how it works? So, we’re going to aim your homepage at ranking for that term.

The Keywords To Find Motivated Sellers Online

So I could of just given you all the Keywords to find motivated sellers online right at the beginning of this article but you really need to understand the process and science behind it all.   Plus a lot of GURUS will give you with something useful (but it’s missing the key parts on how to actually do it)… then you gotta buy the thing to see how to do it.  I wanted to give you everything I had in this article…no strings attached.

I want to teach you how to get results with marketing online…whether you use our preferred lead generation website system, our preferred PPC Google Adwords provider, our motivated seller database, our consultations or none of the above it’s okay.  These strategies work.. and they’ll work on almost any other website system you decided to use for SEO.  Just make sure that the system you use is structured for real estate investor SEO…most are, but a lot of the systems offered by Guru’s and trainers are not.

So, we hope the groundwork we’ve laid in this article helps you understand things a little better.

The Keywords…

We’re not saying by any means saying that these keyword phrases to find motivated sellers online are THE ONLY ONES you’ll want to try to rank for. There’s lots of others. These are just some of the main ones that can help you get in front of more motivated sellers.   Oh…and as a special BONUS, we also included the top keywords for cash buyers and private lenders too.  You can thank us later 😉

[thrive_link color=’green’ link=’https://davebrown.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/REWW_Coaching_Keywords.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]DOWNLOAD THE KEYWORD REPORT NOW[/thrive_link]

Quick tips to help you cut the learning curve and get better results faster.

See the “Local Monthly Searches” column on the keyword swipes? Cool. That column represents the times that search phrase is searched each month with a location (city, state, etc.) attached to it. Globally is simply any time that phrase was included in a search.

Ex: On the motivated seller list… “we buy houses” is searched 27,100 times/month “Globally”… and 22,200 times/month “Locally”. That means, out of the 27,100 times the phrase was searched in total… 22,200 of those searches the person also put a location (city, state, etc.) in the search. Such as… “we buy houses st. louis” or “we buy houses Phoenix”… or “Phoenix we buy houses”. Get it? So, when you see a keyword that has a high “local searches”… that’s a good thing. If you invest in Miami, FL and you want to to rank and get leads from people searching “we buy houses”… you’ll optimize your site for “we buy houses miami”… not just the more broad “we buy houses”. It’ll be easier to rank for “we buy houses miami” and it’ll get you better quality leads. Get it?

So What’s Next?

You can take this training we’ve put together and use it in your business to get more motivated seller leads. Grab the keywords and spend a few hours this week to give your website a solid boost in search rankings using these simple but effective strategies.

I know lots of investors who don’t do or like dong SEO… and they still do a ton deals.  But, you’ll need to drive leads from somewhere… so get to work finding a strategy that will generate leads for you each week. In fact, even if you do put some focus into doing SEO of your website… we HIGHLY SUGGEST that you diversify and don’t just rely 100% on SEO.   The worst number in business is the #1.  Why?  Because if you take that one thing away you have nothing.  You shouldn’t rely on just one method to bring you leads.

Real Estate Investor SEO may or may not get you the volume of leads you need to do a few deals a month (depending on your market and the competition)… so always use a few lead generation strategies at all times to make sure leads are coming into the pipeline.

TOP 3 Lead Generation Strategies To Find Motivated Sellers Online

  1.  Get a real estate investor website that is actually great at capturing traffic and leads.  These are the exact websites I use in my business.  They are built for implementing the SEO strategies I’ve outlined for you above. Click Here To Learn More
  2.  Google Adwords / PPC marketing.   This a great strategy that will bring you deals every month.  I’ve partnered the world’s most effective Adwords campaigns – just for Real Estate Investors.  Start getting high-quality leads today! First Month Free
  3.  Direct mail using the Find Motivated Sellers Marketing Database.  Direct mail is the foundation marketing method for almost all real estate investors. Click Here To Learn More

Finally.  If you have a real estate investor website for your real estate investing business I would suggest that you spend 30 minutes to an hour a day building out new pages, blog posts, videos etc. Content is king and creating content that can be found on the internet is the ultimate form of attraction marketing.

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