The Science of Flipping And Finding Motivated Seller Leads Online

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seller leads onlineThis a podcast I had the pleasure of doing with Justin Colby from The Science of Flipping.  In this interview Justin and I discuss how to capture motivated seller leads online and the importance of ranking on Google’s first page.

Finding off-market motivated seller leads online can be tricky, but with a clear plan, the right tools, and support you can have a tremendous amount of success implementing this inbound marketing strategy.

Get Top Google Rankings In Your Market So You Can Get More Sellers Leads Online

The biggest factor to consider first and foremost is do you have the right real estate investor website setup? Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you are getting your investor website setup.

  1. Is is it good at capturing leads
  2. Does it allow you to publish content (pages & posts)
  3. Does it help you rank in the search engines?

Your website should be able to cover all three of those things.  If it doesn’t I’d find solutions that does.  And if you are thinking of setting up your own I would re-consider that as well.   Do you really want to bother with the time it takes to deal with Hosting, domains, webmaster tools, spam, proper formatting, internal and external linking etc.  It can be a very complicated thing so if you struggle with technology this is something you should outsource.

A lot goes into getting a top ranking in Google. Google and the other search engines look at over 200 factors to determine where to rank your real estate investor websites.  I have extensive SEO experience and can help you gain an edge in the search engines and your competition. Use my detailed SEO training to how to find motivated sellers online, my recommended website platform, and you too can start seeing results in 90 days or less.

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Have questions / stuck? I’ll guide you through it. You’re never alone.

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Dave Brown

Dave Brown

Dave Brown is a lifestyle entrepreneur, peak performance coach, podcast host, and real estate investor. He is a proud father of two who is passionate about marketing, flipping houses, basketball, and running. Dave believes anyone can live the American dream and pursue their passions if they just decide to rise above the limitations they impose on themselves.

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Dave Brown is a lifestyle entrepreneur, peak performance coach, podcast host, real estate investor, and proud father of two.

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