The Best Real Estate Investor Website System

dave brown real estate investor websitesBack in 2009 I completed my very first wholesale deal and it was an online lead. With that lead I realized how powerful the internet was for lead generation.  Not only had I successfully completed my first deal proving that I could do this business, but I also had found my own unique footing in the real estate investment niche.   That’s when I really started getting into websites and online lead generation.

After building my own real estate investor websites on WordPress I also went on to build over 50 websites for other investors.   But in 2014 I found a solution that blew my mind and it wasn’t long before I moved my entire business over to this system.  I discovered a more efficient and cost effective way to build my online presence and I told all my clients about it too.

Results Matter & This Real Estate Investor Website Systems Drives More Qualified Leads Than Any Other Platform

Whether you’re just starting out as a real estate investor or if you are a seasoned pro a strong internet marketing plan begins with a professional and full-featured real estate investor website!

With the glut of real estate investor websites and canned generic templates out there the best way to separate yourself from the crowd is by being unique and credible.  When making a big decision like building a website for your real estate investing company you want to work with someone you can trust, someone who can get the job done right! That’s exactly why my team and I recommend using this Real Estate Investor Website System.

Take it from someone who knows a little bit about this.

Again, when I made the decision to flip houses my very first wholesale deal came from an online lead that I generated off my real estate investor website. Between 2011 and earlier 2013 I built custom real estate investor websites for other investors…in fact my team of developers and I built over 50 sites during that 2 year period. I started doing a lot less websites once my own house flipping business finally began to take off and it was around that time that I discovered this real estate investor website system.  I was blown away by the platform, signed up, and stopped building websites all together.  I now refer all my followers, students and clients to this system.

Again we use this website platform in our own real estate investing business with a ridiculous amount of success.  These websites and the inbound marketing strategy I use along with it has become the #1 asses in my business and I believe it can do the same for you too.

Having a great website platform, great content, some good quality back links, and a high converting website are foundational elements you must have to achieve great rankings and convert traffic into more leads and deals.

Discover How I Rank #1 In The Search Engines In This FREE Training

As you know there’s no shortage of real estate investor website templates on the market. Prices range from $1,500 upfront and $100/mo… to the low end of $10/mo.  Heck I used to charge $2,000 for my custom built websites.  I always felt there was a gap and real estate investors haven’t been served with what they truly need…until now!

Real Estate Investor Websites That Generate Leads

investor website

A lot of those other real estate investor website system focus to much on cool features like deal analyzers and other fancy stuff… when in reality most of them lack in the important things.  After all, all of those fancy features aren’t worth much if you can’t get consistent traffic to your website, build credibility from your site when they get there, and convert leads into your next great deal. Most real estate investors just don’t need all of those features or added expense that come with this glorified overblown systems.

These investor websites are the best – in the long run you can lower cost, generate more leads, for a lot less hassle… all giving you MORE TIME to spend doing what you enjoy

If you want a website that not only looks good but performs good then these websites are the way to go because the focus it to build clean, professional, flexible, and effective websites for ALL real estate investors. A customized blend of technology and strategy works hand in hand with built-in SEO Tools, conversion methodology, training and support.The end result is a streamlined website built to perform – a website that attracts leads, and provides its high achieving investors the means to grow their businesses.

A Real Estate Investor Website That Builds Credibility

real estate websites build credibility

Often times the easiest and most effective way to separate yourself from the rest is by simply being credible. Your new website is built with credibility building elements like the professional-clean site design, testimonials app, social media links, pre-built education, and more!

If you’re looking for a killer website to get online. This is where the rubber meets the road. It is far and above the best solution available and it’s pre-loaded with SEO content that

Isn’t it time to grow your business, gain brand identity, capture more leads and turn those leads into deals so you can finally live the lifestyle you want to live?  Download my FREE 90 Day Training Below.

14,724 Replies to “The Best Real Estate Investor Website System”

  1. I like hooked up to the idea of joining the investor carrot community, this will definitely bring more qualified leads. Thumbs up for confirming my thoughts, I guess, I am on right direction.

    1. Yes they are the best websites for real estate investors and work awesome. You can sign up here…
      [eafl id=6855 name=”carrot case study” text=”Sign up Now”]

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