How To Attract Motivated Sellers Leads To Your Real Estate Investor Website

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Building a great looking real estate investor website is just one part of the overall picture for a real estate investing company’s success online and attracting more motivated seller leads into your real estate business.

Most investors don’t really understand the importance of getting the right real estate website online.  They don’t understand that getting a website online is all about having it out there for people to find so you can generate leads for you business.  95% of most real estate investors and agents  forget that a website should really exist for one reason and one reason only, to help you get more leads for your business and help you earn more money.

I’ve been generating motivated seller leads online for almost 5 years now…not only for my real estate investing but also for my affiliate marketing business too.  I personally have years of SEO, Search Engine Optimization, traffic generation, and conversion experience combined with a great deal of knowledge for real estate investing and wholesaling.  Throughout this article I’m  gonna walk you through some of the major ways the my inbound online marketing system for real estate investors can help you get more traffic, convert more leads, and do more deals as a real estate investor or real estate wholesaler.

Attract Motivated Seller Leads To Your Real Estate Investor Website With Inbound Marketing

So you might be asking yourself  “what is inbound marketing anyway?”

Inbound marketing is simply the act of positioning your marketing in a way, so your marketing attracts prospects and, of course, customers, letting you do deals as a real estate investor, of course, by helping solve their problems.  This process can work for any business or company and when implemented correctly and consistently it can easily 3x your business.   Inbound marketing online is simply creating content, videos, articles built and based around keywords that your prospective audience is actually typing into the search engines.

Inbound Marketing VS. Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing historically has been the foundational marketing modality for real estate estate agents and especially investors.  This is predominately through direct mail.  Inbound Marketing is a process by which your are attracting prospects, customers or clients to you…

…rather than outbound marketing which often requires higher expenses, you know, paying for mailings and postcards and things like that, and often lower conversion numbers while again increasing costs!

A solid real estate investing business and marketing plan should really find a good mix of inbound online lead generation and outbound offline lead generation for your business to really thrive.   So let’s look around the inbound marketing methodology that I really believe in and have honed in on over the years as an online marketer.  As you’ll see in this article I’ve taken my online marketing knowledge and combined it with my preferred website system to help you as a real estate investor…let me guide through the steps you need to implement so you can scale your business.

3 Key Phases to attract motivated seller leads and traffic to your real estate investor website

The front end of the inbound marketing methodology I use to generate massive amounts of online real estate estate leads and one that I’ve perfected all starts with…

The “Plant” phase.  

You need to attract visitors and, of course, traffic to your website, but how do you do that? It all begins with having a website with the right SEO, Search Engine Optimization, that can help your optimize your webpages by taking you by the hand and showing you exactly what you need to change or add to your website to give the better chance of ranking your site well in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.   You’re probably saying “WOW Dave”  that is a mouth full.  It is a mouth full but it can be very simple once you understand a few your audience and what they are actually searching for online.   The system I use for this “Plant” phase does all this for you.  It was built with SEO in mind from the ground up, and it helps you deliver exactly what Google is looking for when it decides what ranks where in the search rankings.

Next comes the “Nurture” phase.

This is the inbound marketing strategy for real estate investors is what I call the “Nurture” phase.  So you’ve attracted the traffic to your real estate investor website by using our search Engine optimization strategies, training, other sources of leads like direct mail, craigslist, etc….now what?   Well now it’s time to really build that relationship with your prospect and bring them aboard as a customer. It could be a cash buyer.  It could be a motivated seller looking to sell their house, but it could be a private lender or heck a rent to own tenant it really doesn’t matter as long as you you have a system that can help you convert and nourish your leads.   Having a lead capture or squeeze page system built into your website and blog is essential.    Here is a screenshot how my real estate investor website is set up.   See how I have call to action and and lead capture form front and center?  This is the first thing my prospect sees when they visit my website and this is EXACTLY the you should have it setup on your real estate investor website too!

The system I use to have my websites on can help you quickly build real estate investor squeeze pages just like this on the fly, or you can use the pre-made ones that are already created for you that have been proven and tested.

Once a cash buyer or motivated seller or private lender or tenant opts in to one of those lead pages, it’s time to build a relationship with them and help them become evangelists for your company.   The key thing you need in order for that to happen is a flexible social media integration that lets your website visitors share your site with their friends or sphere.  Social media is a huge part of getting found on the search engines so you need to have social buttons and share links on your website.  Google and the other search engines put a lot of weight in this and based on their algorithms it can play a very important roll in getting found and generating leads online.

So what should you do and what should happen after a lead submits their information?

You must have some sort of email auto responder that goes out to opt ins immediately after they opt in. Why?  Because it starts the conversation, it gets them to raise their hand.  Last, if you really want to take it to the next level with this “Nurture” phase, plug in an email auto responder sequence.  You can set up a sequence by using a email marketing service like MailChimp, iContact, AWeber, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, ZOHO, Get Response,  and a whole host of others.

Next comes the “Grow and Harvest” phase. 

When you have a system that really helps with taking a prospect through the first two phases, this Grow and Harvest” phase becomes a lot easier.  Now let me run through the five most important features of the system I use and the one you are going to use when you make the decision right now to become a member here.   First of all, the websites are fully customizable with their appearance and they’re mobile responsive so everything looks great on a cell phone just the same way it would look great on a computer. Number two is the powerful Search Engine Optimization tools.  Number three is something I covered in the article and that is a powerful lead page engine.  Number four, blogging and the social media capabilities in the system. And number five, the  epic training and support we provide.

Ready to grow your online presence, generate more inbound traffic, and attract motivated seller leads as a real estate investor?

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Learn to grow your traffic and attract more motivated sellers leads by subscribing below for updates.  I’ll be sharing advanced and beginner trainings just for people who take action and subscribe to my newsletter.   I can help you hone your mindset, continually test and tweak your lead pages to increase conversions, and really fire up a powerful blog and content creation.  Follow our advice on how to build a blog that generates traffic and revenue for your business.   Click here if you’d like to schedule a coaching call on this.

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