Investor Carrot Review – Real Estate Investor Websites

What is Investor Carrot?

Simply stated Investor Carrot is a website solution for real estate investors. These websites aren’t just company websites about your “We Buy Houses” company. They are lead generating real estate investor websites that pull in cash buyers and motivated sellers. This is a form of Inbound Lead Generation…something I teach and preach here at  Taking into consideration that I’ve been building custom designed websites for real estate investors the past 2 years and the fact that I run my own wholesaling business on this platform…that alone should speak volumes to you about how I feel about this real estate investor website platform.

investor carrot reviewInvestor Carrot is more than just a lead capture website is a system that is built around content, blogging, and search engine optimization.  Blogging, content creation, and doing video is the best way to get found online.  It’s the best way to get found at the top of the search results in your local market. When you consider that PPC only gets about 4% of the traffic on the first page of Google then you’ll quickly understand why ranking organically at the top of search is so powerful.   If you are not online or if your real estate investor website isn’t generating leads then it’s time to do something about that before you get left behind…because trust me, you will get left behind!

Investor Carrot Review,  Is this Real Estate Investor Website System Right For Your Investing and Wholesaling Business?

Again, I personally use these real estate investor websites in my real estate business because of the tools, training and awesome ability at capturing leads the platform provides. Remember, this is coming from someone who actually builds custom real estate investor websites for investors. My service is good but it really doesn’t compare to what Trevor and his team at Investor Carrot have built….it’s a system, better yet…it’s a community!!!

The Investor Carrot real estate investor websites get my highest recommendation and if you don’t have one of their real estate investor websites then you are missing out and losing deals…PERIOD!

Ask yourself one question? Is your current website generating you motivated seller and cash buyer leads? If the answer is no it’s time to make the change.

In short…I’m a big fan of Investor Carrot! I’ve spoken with Trevor many times for problems about his platform and not only has he personally always responded but his team is always a tremendous help too.  The one thing I love the most are the weekly mastermind training calls that Trevor and his team do to their clients.  That and the ability to publish fresh content at the click of a mouse is priceless.

These real estate investor websites are top notch products that are constantly being improved. It’s unlike any other Investor website service I’ve run into – trust me – I’ve seen and tried them all and this real estate investor website system is THE BEST!

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 Not only do I use Investor Carrot for my own real estate business but I also promote it as an affiliate.  I personally believe it is by far the best website and lead generation system for real estate investors.  With that being said…if you decide to purchase the system for your business I will be compensated a small commission for the referral. 🙂

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