selling your real estate investor deals

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Whether you are new to real estate investing or are a seasoned pro one thing is for sure there are a lot of real estate deals available in today’s real estate market.

The Importance of Selling Your Real Estate Investor Deals Fast

We all know that buying and buying right is very important but equally important is turning those investment properties and real estate deals into cold hard cash. This is where things can be a bit more difficult. You definitely do not want to be stuck with any of the properties you control. Holding properties for weeks or months can really start eating up your reserves and hold up cashing in on your potential profits. One of the best solutions to avoid this is by pre-selling your real estate deals and investment properties.

If you can go after real estate deals knowing that they are already sold you can make decisions much faster and with piece of mind.

And that means more money in your pocket much sooner. So the basic idea here is marketing your deals by building your buyer’s list first, find out what they want and where they want it then market to sellers based on those criteria. You are probably thinking this sounds much easier than actually doing it, but you’re going to have to find buyers anyway and the truth is it is a lot easier to sell a property you already have a buyer for rather than trying to sell and convince somebody to buy something from your current inventory .

How do you start pre-selling your real estate investor deals?

Again, you start by focusing on cultivating buyers. These can be made up of other real estate investing companies, individual investors looking for wholesale deals to flip themselves and even retail buyers looking to take advantage of the great bargains on the market and low mortgage interest rates. You are basically taking names and filling orders.

One great strategy for this is to leverage Realtors. Or better yet if f you have a real estate license you can even tap the MLS or your office for listings of short sales and foreclosures to post on your website to generate interest and inquiries. The beauty of this is that you don’t even need any of your own inventory to get started. As the leads and buyers begin to pour in the next step is to pre-screen those buyers to assess their motivation levels and purchase qualifications. Find out what these buyers want and get a commitment from them that if you provide exactly what meets their criteria they will buy it. This is of course a lot easier to do with other real estate investing companies or individual investors who generally are only concerned with the numbers and not living in the home themselves. If you focus on building up your buyer’s list first then things will be much easier for you.

Another great strategy to pre-sell your real estate deals is on the rehab end. If you recently have a property you got under contract and are going to rehab it you can’t start marketing it to your list and to the general public. Share your progress and renovation updates on social media sites, perhaps have a buyers tour of the project or give retail buyers the opportunity to pick a choose color combos, counter top styles etc. Pre-selling should be a main focus in your real estate marketing efforts.

Other marketing strategies for selling your real estate investor deals fast:

  • Real Estate Investor Websites
  • Craigslist
  • Postlets
  • Flyers
  • Direct Mail

If done right and marketed correctly you could very well have a buyer in place and in contract before the real estate wholesale deal, project or renovation is even completed.

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