4 Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies for Investors

real estate digital marketing

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Struggling to generate enough real estate leads?

Are you looking for the best strategies for real estate digital marketing?

Digital marketing has never been more crucial for succeeding in real estate, and it’s crucial that your business has an online presence. If you’re a real estate investor, you need to be familiar with the best strategies for lead generation in the digital space.

Below we’ll look at the top 4 real estate digital marketing strategies you need to know to succeed in the industry.

1. Make the Most of Virtual Tours and Video Content

People love to see exactly what a property looks like while they’re looking for real estate online. If you do it right, a great virtual tour or video can build a lot of excitement.

There are several ways you can give a virtual tour of your property or home. You can try a laidback and personable video where you give a walkthrough of the property, for example. 3D panoramic images can also be a great choice.

Live streaming videos are also becoming popular on many platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. You may even consider using a drone to take videos of your property from above and from all angles.

Whatever way you decide to give a virtual tour, it can work wonders in helping your listings shine in the digital space.

2. Connect With Your Crowd Onlinereal estate digital marketing

For successful real estate digital marketing, it is important that you learn ways to connect with your target audience online.

Social media, email marketing, and an active blog can all help you to build ongoing relationships with people who may be looking for new properties. These tools can help you to always stay at the top of their mind.

Facebook and Twitter are great for reaching out and posting updates on what properties you have available. These channels are also great for posting the virtual tours we mentioned above.

Email marketing can also be a great tool, and unlike social media, you’ll be speaking even more directly to your contacts when using email. Email marketing usually has higher conversion rates as well.

3. Make Sure Your Website is Optimized

When marketing real estate online, it is also essential that have a fully optimized website. It should be fast, mobile friendly, and filled with useful content.

More people than ever are relying only on mobile devices to browse the web, so it’s crucial that your website works well for mobile users. By using a responsive design, you’ll ensure that users on all types of devices can access your site.

Your website should also be as fast as possible. Make sure that the technical aspects of your site are well-optimized.

Finally, don’t forget your blog. Content is still one of the best ways you can help your website do better in the search engines. Content also provides a lot of value that will help engage prospects and leads.

4. Consider Using Online Ad Networks

While many of the strategies mentioned above are considered inbound marketing techniques and tend to attract a prospect and lead to you, online advertising channels should not be overlooked.

PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising on Google AdWords or Facebook advertising can be very helpful for finding new leads. You may also consider display ads and other ad networks as well.

Compared to traditional advertising, digital advertising can be highly targeted. It can be easy to search for only the people who are currently looking for a property in your area.

If you do it right, online advertising can be very cost effective and can allow you to generate some great leads in record time.

Take the Time to Perfect Your Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies

By considering all of the real estate digital marketing strategies above, you’ll have the best chance at generating leads and making the most of your real estate investments.

While some strategies may take some to get a handle on, mastering your digital marketing and your online presence is critical. If you do, you may just create a thriving real estate business that lasts.

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