Top Content Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

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Top Content Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

content marketing strategies real estate investorsIf you’re a real estate investor or real estate agent you need to be taking your business to the web with some online real estate marketing.

Real estate marketing strategies like video, mobile search, direct mail and email are all types of marketing that continues to be hot for those of us in the real estate industry.  However, the four platforms outlined below are things you need to be implementing in your business as well.

1. Blogging
You are reading this blog post right, that means that blogging works.  The search engines love content and blogging is fresh content that can get you rank and found.  Blogging can yield some powerful results for your real estate business but sometimes it can take a little time.   Focus on quality content when writing your blog posts.  Do it 3-4 times a week and be consistent, you’ll see an uptick in traffic to your blog before you know it.

2. Social Media
I don’t have to tell you that social media is huge and its growing everyday and if you don’t grasp it know then you’ll be left behind.  Simply put, it’s the future.  If you want your real estate business to grown and reach as many people as possible then you need to start investing some time in social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +.  You can even hire someone to do it all for you.

 3. Article Marketing
Very few real estate investors both rookie and pro fail to utilize article marketing in their businesses, this is surprising.  Writing articles can deliver a lot of credibility and authority to your business.   Each article that goes on the internet keeps on working to boost your website’s rankings on the search engines, builds your level of perceived expertise, protects your online reputation and can generate leads month after month.  Article Marketing is a great Real Estate SEO technique.

4. Press Releases
Try promoting your business with a press release, its a great way to boost traffic to your real estate investor website.  You can get a Press Release about your business ranked very quickly on the internet; it’s a great strategy when doing SEO for Real Estate.  If you want to see your own face showing up on Yahoo News when you log on in the morning or when you pick up the paper start creating your own press releases about what your real estate investing business is doing and create your own buzz for your real estate community.

Combine these forms of online content marketing strategies with your real estate website and email campaigns for terrific results.

The more engaged and consistent you are at leveraging each and every one of these techniques the more successful you will be at driving more traffic to your website. REV up your online real estate marketing strategy today!

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