Real Estate And Social Media

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Are you using social media as part of your online real estate marketing strategy?

If not, you should be. You should absolutely be using social media in your real estate investing and real estate lead generation efforts. There are a lot of different options and we are going to help you focus on where to put start.

A new study released on Mashable shows exactly how the real estate industry is using social media and together with your online real estate marketing partner, Real Estate Visionaries we will help you take your business to the next level by using social media. The real estate industry has seen a number of social media innovations over the past few years and real estate professionals are just scratching the surface at the power of it all.

Today over 84% of real estate professionals claim that they are using social media, while only 10% say they are uncomfortable with using it. Even though most are using social media it certainly doesn’t mean that most of them have invested enough in learning the marketing knowledge to be able to use it productively.

So which social media networks are your competitors actually using?

The big 3 are definitely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and in that order. Then WordPress and YouTube. If you are in real estate then you should be using WordPress as your real estate website and it should be your primary social media platform. You can find out more on why here! YouTube is another platform that is really under used and under leverage. Using video for your online real estate marketing is one of the best strategies out there to increase traffic and brand awareness for your real estate business. The search engines absolutely love video and it’s an interactive way to connect with your audience.

Now let’s take a look at the 800 lb gorillas in the room. It doesn’t matter how many Facebook updates you have done or how many Tweets you have posted. What does matter is how many people are actually following your real estate business online? How many real customers have you gained from your social media? If you don’t have at least a hundred, your really don’t really exist on the web in any meaningful way. However, you need to start somewhere and utilizing social media in your marketing efforts is a start. Your results in the beginning will be limited but over time with consistency on your part your results will grow. Your target to reach should be about 5,000 friends and followers, a number like this will without a doubt have an effect on your online real estate marketing.

Most real estate investors and professionals who take their craft seriously know that they need to be utilizing social media.

The problem lies with the fact the most do not know how to use it and they also dramatically underestimate the power of it. Harnessing the power of social media for you real estate business will ultimately help you obtain new leads and opportunities.

Focus branding your business on Facebook with a Fan Page. Keep your profile for your personal and Fan Page for your business. Then start using it to increase followers. A Fan Page guide and training system can be very helpful in your efforts. There are plenty of Fan Pages out there that have 10’s of thousands of followers some of which are making 6 figures per month incomes. Do you think you would be a little more motivated to use social media if you were told that by hitting 100,000 fans you would see a nice 6 figure income, per month? Exactly!

Take a proactive approach and start engaging in conversations using social media. Develop a plan for adding followers and fans. If you do this you will be incredibly surprised at the results. Combine these efforts with a good corporate real estate WordPress site and some simple but powerful squeeze pages and your ready to start generating some serious real estate leads online.


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