Online Lead Generation for Real Estate Investors

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The world of digital marketing is moving non-stop. Every day there’s something new that catches our attention. Be it a new mobile marketing app, platform, SEO tactic, or wearable tech gadget. 

That said, trends come and go. Some leave subtle marks, while others are there to stay.

Success for real estate businesses lies in their abilities to recognize and unpack the most important trends. This makes capturing, nurturing, and closing prospective clients a much easier and more effective process.

There’s no doubt that marketing is getting much more complex. The good news is you’re in the right place. We’ve put together an essential to online lead generation for real estate investors.

Let’s get started!

Top 5 New Online Lead Generation Trends for Real Estate Investors    

1. Video Marketing

With the launch video features such as Facebook Live and Instagram Story video marketing was a sensation in 2016. This year it continues to show its prominent position in the marketing world.

Brands will need roll out a lot more “infotainment” videos — ones that are cross-bred between information and entertainment.

Video is an awesome idea for online lead generation. And to be fair, who doesn’t love and need visuals when looking for real estate?

2. Reviews and Testimonials

Before trying out a new product or service, it’s common to check out what current and past customers have to say about that particular product or service.

Value customers’ reviews and testimonials.

Remember, your job isn’t done after you close a deal. It’s only the beginning.

You need to nurture and maintain that newly built relationship. Asking for constructive feedback is a great way to get positive buzz for your business and learn about which areas you can improve in the future.

online lead generation

3. Networking

A business always involves a network of buyers and sellers. Thus, it’s important to tap into your existing connections and expand them.

Be transparent and authentic. Nothing good comes out of being fake and needy. Talk to everyone you know and who knows your friends of friends.

Reach out to people who might potentially refer your real estate leads in exchange for referral fees. They can be attorneys, city inspectors, accountants, pest control businesses, moving companies, firefighters, plumbers, and carpet cleaners.

4. Landing Page Optimization

A small tweak to your real estate online landing page can easily lead to a peak in the sign-up rate.

Be flexible and willing to change things around and test new ideas. At the same time, make sure you at the basic right. General rules of thumb for landing pages can be found here.

5. Automation

As your business grows and generates more prospectives, it’s hard to keep track and manage all the leads. Calendar reminders often don’t work very well, especially when your schedule is packed.

When this happens, you’re in need of automation. You know how challenging it is to bring in a new lead, you can’t let them slip away!

A good software can help you effectively build, manage, and nurture long-lasting relationships with your customers. This in return will generate more opportunities to drive your business forward.

With nearly two decades of experience in the real estate sector, I know the ins and outs of online lead generation.

Need help with improving your online lead generation and bottom line? Contact me today.

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