Heroes and Horses With Micah Fink

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He may have left the battlefield, but this Navy Seal has never stopped fighting. Micah Fink first waged his own inner battle to adjust to civilian life after combat, then turned his sights to helping others.

Who doesn’t love cowboys? What’s not to love about wild horses?

Listen in as Micah Finks explains how wild mustangs become battle buddies for combat veterans in the vast Montana wilderness through his Heroes and Horses program.

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Dave Brown

Dave Brown

Dave Brown is a lifestyle entrepreneur, peak performance coach, podcast host, and real estate investor. He is a proud father of two who is passionate about marketing, flipping houses, basketball, and running. Dave believes anyone can live the American dream and pursue their passions if they just decide to rise above the limitations they impose on themselves.

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Dave Brown is a lifestyle entrepreneur, peak performance coach, podcast host, real estate investor, and proud father of two.

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