The Checklist for a Successful Real Estate Investor Website Design

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The only site you need as a real estate investor should be a WordPress website. Today I’ll outline why you should be using WordPress for your investor website.  I also will give you some essential tips and detailed points on what you need to do to get your Real estate investor website design up and running.

The first thing you need to do is choose a Domain for your Real Estate Investor Website.

Use a company like Godaddy and choose a .com name.  This will run you about $12 a year.  However it is very important and beneficial if you buy a multiple years.  Good search engine practice is to buy a domain name for 5 years.

Try to name you domain after your business and try to include a keyword in it.  Making your domain keyword rich is very important.  You can us the free keyword research tool found here.  Try to keep your domain name short, easy to remember and easy to spell – acronyms are find to use if it is easy to remember.  Another good strategy is to buy common misspellings of the url, and extensions, if possible, .net. org, etc…  Here are some other Domain Registrars that you can use. –,,  Again the average cost is about $10-$20/year.

Now that you have a domain setup you need to choose a Host for Real Estate Investing Website.  I recommend using we use them for all of our websites and our client websites.  So why do you need hosting?  Because this is where the domain pulls its content, you won’t have a live site unless it’s hosted.   Inside your hosting account you will want to setup FTP Access – Download a free FTP client – transfer data to server.  You can give this access to a web designer like Real Estate Visionaries. Go for value for the money not cheapness. provides a terrific value and it’s very inexpensive.  You can host multiple and unlimited domains on one hosting account for as little as $6/month – $20/month.

The next thing you need to start putting together and thinking about is the Functionality and Layout Design for you Real Estate Investor website.   Once you have settled your domain name and web host, the next step is to design the website itself.  This is exactly why we recommend WordPress, there is no sense to work with anything else but.  It is highly search engine friendly and user friendly, it is by far the best platform out there.

What do you need a Real Estate Investor Website for?

The number one reason is to build credibility and authority for you REI Company.  When people research your company you need to present them with a clean, functional and professional web presence.   Some content and pages you want to put on your real estate investor website should include information for Buyers, Sellers, Private Lenders, REO Brokers, and other investors.  Be sure to design your website around the main function of what the goal of it is.  As an investor that should be to educate and capture leads.  Be sure to also include a Bio and or ‘About us page’ so you can explain your background, experience and why people should work with you.  Another important item is a blog.  You want to publish articles and content about your real estate business and your local market.  You can create posts about a recent deal or renovation project.  Writing articles is very important because the search engines want to see that your website has fresh content.  The great thing about building your website on WordPress is that the blog is included in the platform.

As you can see, there is a lot of thought that goes into building a real estate investing website. Starting out, it is rather inexpensive to create a basic real estate investor website.   But once you have established a foundation, and a comfortable idea of how your website works, you can later focus on more advanced details like creative design, SEO, Google Ads, PPC etc…

If you need further assistance on getting your REI website off the ground please contact us.

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