Effective Real Estate Investor Lead Generation

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Grow your real estate investing traffic, leads, and results with the On Carrot online marketing software. Our customers are generating nearly 10,000 inbound leads per month right now… and growing (sellers, buyers, tenants, rent to own, and more).

Effective real estate investor lead generation starts with a great website

How is your real estate investor website performing for you? Is it actually generating leads?

Elegant & effective Real Estate websites pre-loaded with content that works for:


Your new InvestorCarrot website will be search engine optimized for your market.

Unlimited custom “squeeze pages” are included so you can generate consistent and targeted leads, and integration with popular email autoresponders like Aweber and MailChimp is included on all sites.

These websites are also optimized for all devices so your real estate investor website looks & works great everywhere!


80% of homebuyers search the internet first when they’re looking for a home.

Investor Carrot websites make it easy for you to leverage the internet and social media to find buyers, sellers, and private lenders and to systemize parts of your lead generation.

This real estate investor website system is generating thousands of leads every day and it’s radically transformed the way I do my business.

In fact the sites at On Carrot have generated over 920,452 website visitors in 2014 to all the member real estate investor websites…

One of the InvestorCarrot members I spoke on the phone with last week told me that 100% of her motivated seller leads in 2014 came from SEO. That’s it. SEO. In 1 city. She closed 20+ deals from those leads in her first full year as a full-time wholesaler.  Now, that doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to you. She worked for it. But for those who say that SEO can’t provide consistent leads to fuel your business… she did it.   That’s the power of these lead generation real estate investor websites!

Gain An Unfair Advantage With This Method Of Real Estate Investor Lead Generation

With the glut of real estate investor websites out there, separate yourself from the rest by simply being credible.  Positioning yourself online is one of the fastest and best ways to build credibility and authority in your local real estate market.

Your new Investor website with On Carrot is built with credibility building elements like the professional-clean site design, testimonials app, social media links, pre-built education, and more!

I personally have been looking for a quality, clean, effective, and easy to use real estate website system for my clients and my coaching students. Now I recommend it to them every time.

With the On Carrot Inbound Marketing Methodology built into your websites, it gives you an edge to more easily get in front of your prospects online (Plant), build credibility and convert those prospects into leads (Nurture), Grow your business and Harvest more leads into profitable deals.

What Makes OnCarrot Great?

Investor Carrot makes it easy to manage your real estate investing website, generate leads, build credibility,
and take control over your online brand and marketing once and for all!

On Carrot Inbound Online Marketing
Website System For Real Estate Investorsoncarrot real estate investor websites

  • Powerful LeadPage (squeeze page) Generator To Increase Leads
  • Fully Customizable So You Have FULL Control Over Your Content and Design
  • World Class Marketing Strategy Built Right In (without the hype and fluff)

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