3 Things To Boost Your Confidence

boost your confidence

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Having confidence in yourself is one of the great secrets to success. Think about it…

Have you ever met a truly confident person that didn’t have the world as their oyster? Confident people enjoy massive success, even when they encounter life’s inevitable challenges along the way.  They didn’t get confident over night, they learned how to become more confident by doing three very basic things.   Having confidence is like rocket fuel and when you make it part of your core, NOTHING can stop you.

If you want to succeed at life, health, business, relationships or anything else the most important thing you need is CONFIDENCE! You need to show up in life and make the effort despite of your fears.

There is a limitless supply of confidence at your fingertips… you just need to know how to tap into it.

Have you ever wished inside your mind that you felt more confident in certain situations? We all have. And fortunately, confidence is something that absolutely anybody can have…because it is a skill you can develop. You should always be looking to improve yourself and your confidence.   Becoming confident isn’t a one time event, it’s not a thing that you can just pick up at the local store.  Gaining confidence in your life is a process, it’s something you always need to be working at.  Are you ready to feel more confident?

IMAGINE for just a moment…

What could you do with your life if you were certain you were capable of skillfully accomplishing everything you set your mind to?

What great things will come your way when you are more confident about your decisions and your actions when it comes to your life, relationships, professional success and your finances?

It’s all possible when you learn to become more confident.  So how do you do it?  It all boils down to three very simple things and when you get good at doing these three things you’ll become unstoppable.  In this blog post I am going to share with you 3 simple things that will allow you to develop your confidence so that you can achieve the life you desire.

Do These Three Things To Boost Your Confidence

Warning: You will gain knowledge that will give you the confidence to do anything, ask for anything, and achieve anything! Nothing will be able to stop you.  So are you ready to skyrocket you confidence levels through the roof?

Here’s the first thing you need to start getting good at….

Get Good At Making Decisions

How is your decision making muscle?   Are you decisive?  Do you make decisions fast and without hesitation?  Or are you the type of person that takes a long time to decide.  Are you wishy washy on your decisions?  Do you say the word “MAYBE” a lot?  Successful people are decisive, they make decisions fast because they are confident in their decision making ability.  To build confidence the first thing you need to do is to get good at making decisions.

Decide to be decisive. Making clear and fast decisions will help build the belief in your mind that you are decisive. Being clear on what you want has power and making an unquestionable decision to get it gives you energy…it builds confidence. This absolute energy will attract the resources and support you need to carry out that decision.

When you are clear and sharp on your decision, others will not second guess you; instead, they’ll back you up.

Developing the ability to be decisive is a process, it’s something you will need to practice.  It is simply a mindset; a mental attitude that will grow and persist with time.    Decisiveness comes with the decision that you are Decisive. Decide today and then take action!

It is the moment of decision that your destiny is shaped ~Tony Robbins

Start Taking Immediate Action

Once you get better at being decisive you need start taking massive action.  You need to get out there and just do it! Make the decision and start doing something.  Start take action towards your goals and desires…get your blood pumping and your confidence increasing.  Once you see results you’ll feel so great about what you accomplished and you’ll want to do more or go on and do something else felling empowered in the process!

Successful and confident people donʼt always say or do the right thing, they just do, they act!  They don’t wait for everything to be perfect before they take action.  They may screw up and fall down, but they are doing.  If they make a mistake they understand itʼs just one necessary step to getting to where they want to go.  You need to taken action and be okay with failure because when you fail you fall forward, you learn from your mistake and in turn you become what?  You guessed it…’MORE CONFIDENT’.

Following Through – This Is Where Most People Fail

Following through on what you decide and taking the necessary action to achieve that decision is the easy part.  The hard part is following through on the action that is necessary for you to succeed.  It’s about going through the mundane, it’s about staying focused and committed to the decision you made.  It’s all about following through.

And YES!  This is where most people fail.  Think about it!!  Has there ever been a time in your life where you decided to do something but didn’t follow through?

How about this for an example…

Have you ever wanted to lose weight and or get in shape but gave up only a few weeks or a month into your goal? Perhaps you joined a gym, started to run, started to work out and even began eating better.

Does this sound familiar? You start to feel good about yourself, maybe you drop a few pounds too!  But after a couple weeks or a month all of sudden you find yourself going to the gym less, you stopped running and started eating whatever you wanted again. You didn’t follow through and you didn’t lose the weight you had hoped you would.  The only reason this happened is because you didn’t continue to take the necessary action that’s required to achieve the result you were looking for.  You decided what you wanted to do, you started taking the steps to make it a reality, but you didn’t finish what you started…you didn’t follow through!

Following through on your decision is the most important thing you can do.  When you accomplish what you set out to achieve it empowers you to continue on.  It builds confidence.  Imagine if you met your goal and you lost all the weight you wanted to lose, imagine how great that would make you feel, how good you would look, and how confident you’d feel.

That’s what following through will do for you.  It’s what will set you apart from everyone else because most people aren’t not willing to do.

When you do the 3 things outlined above you’ll empower yourself to skillfully handle any situation and achieve any goal you set for yourself. Decide. Take Action.  Follow Through.

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