3 Ways Real Estate Blogs Can Improve SEO Strategies

Real Estate BlogsSo you own a real estate firm and want to attract hot leads using the web. This isn’t a bad idea, considering the potential the internet offers. After all, most people today are using the net to look for new homes.

And as you’ll hear time and time again, having a blog is crucial for attracting the right audience. Not only does it draw in traffic to your website, but it ensures you’re keeping around interested prospects.

But the key now is finding ways to help your potential customers find your blog. This is where SEO comes into play. Without it, real estate blogs simply won’t prevail.

So here are some tips to help improve your optimization strategies.

Write Content that’s Appealing to Your Audience

Sure, we know your customers are looking to purchase a new home. But what issues are they dealing with that you can shed light upon? For example, maybe they don’t understand the home buying process.

In this case, you could write a series of posts walking them through the different types of mortgages, how to get approved and so on.

Now, all you have to do is learn what problems your customers are having, so you can create content that offers solutions.

Use Social Media to Plan Your Content

When it comes to learning about your audience, social media is an excellent tool. Hopefully, you already have a profile created on the platforms you know your audience likes to use. If so, you should start following and joining in their conversations.

And if you’re really keen, you can even start a few convos and direct them towards your real estate blog.

Create Content for the Modern User

The web has really changed how content is written. No longer will you find real estate blogs with blocks and blocks of content. At least, not on the ones using modern SEO strategies.

There is a unique way you should structure your pieces so that they appeal to today’s users. For instance, your paragraphs and sentences should be shorter. It’s also a good idea to include graphics, photos and other images.

Just make sure they’re related to the content or add value in some way. For example, infographics with mortgage rates or home buying tips.

Creating Real Estate Blogs that Drive Traffic

The ultimate goal is for your real estate blogs to drive not just any traffic, but leads. If you improve your content writing skills and topics, you may be able to bring in more leads that are smoking hot.

In this case, your blog posts are doing most of the work for you. The beauty of blogs is that it helps to showcase your expertise. For home buyers, expertise is a top priority when it comes to looking for a realtor.

So in a sense, it builds trust before they even pick up the phone to dial your number. Or stop by your local office.

But when all else fails or you lack the time to manage a blog, you can always rely on real estate marketing experts. At Real Estate Visionaries, we’re made up of marketing professionals that can help you attract motivated buyers (or sellers).

Stop by our site today to learn more about our services and to download our free report. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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10 Ways to Double Your Traffic With Real Estate SEO

Double Your Traffic With Real Estate SEO

Double Your Traffic With Real Estate SEOAre you struggling to drive more traffic to your real estate website?

If so, you’re not alone. Real estate SEO is a challenging world to navigate. And with so much competition out there, building a high-performance website is more important than ever.

A recent survey states that 95% of home buyers use online websites in their search. If your website doesn’t stand out from the crowd, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities (and sales).

How can you improve the performance of your website? What are some strategies you can use to turn your site into a lead-generating machine?

In this post, we’ll reveal 10 real estate SEO strategies guaranteed to drive more traffic to your site.

How to Double Your Traffic with Real Estate SEO

1. Write SEO-Rich Blogs

One of the best ways to boost real estate SEO is to add a blog to your website.

It’s not enough to write whatever comes to mind that day and slap it on your site. You must create original, well-written content that has value for your customers.

Key components of successful blogs are:

  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • High-quality content (1,000 words or more)
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • Photos, videos, and/or GIFs
  • No spelling or grammatical errors

What should you blog about? You might start with fun things to do in your locale or unique features of the neighborhoods you represent. Tell newcomers why your city is so great and what they’ll love most about living there.

You should also blog about properties you’re especially keen to sell. Use the property’s address for the keyword and use it in the content, meta description, and photo tags. In addition to the home’s standard description, write a few hundred words about its best features.

2. Optimize Your Site For Mobile Users

There’s nothing wrong with creating a website that looks beautiful on a computer screen. But if your site isn’t optimized for mobile visitors, too, you’re missing out.

Over 52% of users access the internet from their mobile device. For this reason, your site must include responsive design so it works well on all devices.

Mobile users often visit websites looking for quick answers and information. This might include:

  • Driving directions
  • Price comparisons
  • Featured listings
  • Office phone number
  • Agent reviews
  • Research mortgage financing
  • Agency email address

With these thoughts in mind, you can create content that’s fast and easy to find on a mobile device.

3. Target Local Keywords

If you want to master real estate SEO, you need to research and use effective keywords.

To start, you must hone in on keywords that people are searching for. You can do this through Google’s free Keyword Tool or by using Google’s “suggested searches” feature at the bottom of the results page.

Many people begin their search with the name of the city followed by “realtor.” Other common search terms include:

  • (city) real estate
  • (city) homes for sale
  • (city) houses for sale
  • (city) real estate agent
  • (city) real estate listings

Use these keywords throughout your website. For example, if you’re a realtor in Orlando, you could use phrases like:

  • Orlando Homes for Sale
  • Orlando Realtor Testimonials
  • Living in Orlando
  • About Your Orlando Realtor
  • Best Orlando Real Estate

On your agent or real estate investor website, you should have more than just current listings. You should also feature helpful information for newcomers to the area. This might includeseo information on schools, crime rates, and public transportation.

Another helpful tip is to target local traffic. It’s easier to rank higher for a keyword like “Orlando realtor” than a broader term like “central Florida realtor.”

Once you’ve mastered real estate SEO, you can start to branch out to broader and more competitive keywords.

4. Use Proper Keyword Placement

Keywords are a vital part of real estate SEO. But if you don’t know how to use them, they won’t be as effective.

A common mistake is to “stuff” as many keywords as possible onto each page. This can actually hurt your real estate SEO, as Google can flag your site for keyword stuffing.

Instead, aim for a keyword density of 1-2%. For a 1,000-word post, this means your keyword should appear 10-20 times. Any more than this could not only get you flagged, but it also looks forced and unnatural.

So, where and how should you use keywords? For maximum real estate SEO results, concentrate your keywords in these five areas:

  • URL: www.yoursite.com/orlando-real-estate
  • Page Titles: Where to Find the Best Orlando Real Estate
  • Image Titles: orlando_real_estate.jpeg
  • Alt Tags on Photos: Include one or more keywords here.
  • Content: Aim for 1-2% keyword density.

Keep in mind that Google is also getting smarter about similar keywords. As an example, Google reads “Orlando homes” and “Orlando houses” as synonymous and will show both in the search results.

5. Plenty of Photos and Videos

You can write thousands of words describing a house, or you can upload high-quality photos to speak for you. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true of real estate websites.

In general, the more photos of the property you upload, the better. A word of caution, though: Better to have a few high-quality photos than 50 low-quality ones. Any photos you include should be clear, sharp, and well-lit.

Another popular trend in real estate is a video tour. Offer prospective buyers a sneak peek through a well-made video tour of the property.

Does this really work? One real estate group reports that listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than listings with no videos.

Your video tour isn’t limited to the property itself. You could also make videos about local neighborhoods and their best features. Geotag your videos, upload them to YouTube and Google+, and include links back to your website.

You may also want to include brief video interviews with new homeowners. When you hand them the key to their new house, they may happily provide a short testimonial for you to use on your website.

6. Get Your Business Listed in Directories

Real estate agent directories receive an incredible amount of traffic. It’s well worth your effort to get your business listed in them.

A few of the most popular ones are Trulia, Zillow, RedFin, and Homes.com.

Review sites are also an excellent place to generate leads. Make sure you’re listed on sites like Yelp and Google Reviews and check frequently for new entries.

You might also consider following up with clients and asking them to provide a review on one of these sites.

7. Optimize Your Broker’s Bio

Whether you run your own company or you work for a real estate agency, chances are you already have a bio page.

This subpage may not rank highly as a local keyword, but it’s a great place to optimize your name. People will Google your name, so optimize your bio with this in mind.

If possible, include your full name in the page’s title tag and meta description. You might also list your contact information and a link to your personal website if you have one.

8. Embrace Social Media

Google trusts sites that show a lot of social media activity. To maximize your real estate SEO, you need to be active on all major social media outlets.

If you don’t already have one, start by creating a Facebook page for your business. You should also have accounts on Instagram and Google+ and join local community groups.

While Twitter doesn’t directly affect your SEO, it’s one of the best channels for driving new traffic to your site.

Because of its visual nature, Pinterest is a potential gold mine for real estate agents. Pinterest boards rank highly on Google searches, so the more boards your pins show up on, the better. You can also include backlinks to guide viewers to your website.

9. Optimize Your Site Speed

Science confirms that people now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. This means you only a have a few seconds to capture and keep a visitor’s attention.

Site speed is a critical factor in SEO rankings. Not only does a slow site create a poor user experience, but it makes it difficult for search engine bots to scan your site. This results in lower rankings and less traffic.

One of the easiest ways to improve your site speed is to optimize your images for faster loading. The quicker your site loads, the longer users will linger.

10. Ensure NAP Consistency

Our final real estate SEO tip is NAP consistency.

No, we’re not talking about a midday siesta. NAP refers to the name, address, and phone number of your business.

To improve your real estate SEO ranking, you must ensure that your NAP shows up exactly the same everywhere it’s listed.

Check your business listing on directories and review sites for misspellings and inconsistencies. For example, “Street” is not the same as “St.” Choose one or the other, and make it the same everywhere.

Your phone number should also be consistent, using one of three standard formats:

  • 123-456-7890
  • (123) 456-7890
  • 123.456.7890

Final Thoughts

By utilizing these strategies, you’ll soon be driving more traffic to your real estate website.

Are you interested in more ways to optimize your site? At Real Estate Visionaries, we offer one-on-one consultations to help you build your brand.

We invite you to contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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How to Use Real Estate Content Marketing to Your Advantage

content marketing

When it comes to lead generation, content marketing is king. 

In fact, 72% of content marketers reported that their efforts have increased their number of leads.

Want to harness that momentum? Read on to learn how to craft your real estate content marketing strategy.   

The Benefits of Real Estate Content Marketing 

Content marketing drums up a bigger audience, improves your brand recognition and increases sales. Sounds too good to be true, right? 

There is one catch: You have to invest in quality over quantity. 

Whether you’re shooting photos, writing a new blog post or collecting info about local neighborhoods for potential buyers, only the best content will do.

That means that content creation might take a little longer, but by providing real value, you create a loyal audience who will tune in regularly to find out what you have to say.

Start With the Basics

If you’re starting out fresh, there are non-negotiable steps you must take to get your real estate content marketing strategy off the ground.

  • Set up your site. Create a clean, functional website to house your content. There are lots of options for you to choose from, but we recommend WordPress
  • Show up in the search. Use proven SEO tactics to make sure that your potential leads see your name first in search results.  
  • Share and share alike. Build up your presence on social media with regular posts. Just remember, high-value content will inspire the most likes, shares and follows. 


If You Craft It, They Will Come 

Now that you’re ready to start generating content, it’s time to get yourself in the craftsman mindset. Think of your content as a labor of love. Take extra time on it, get feedback from peers and colleagues and always put your best foot forward. No cutting corners.

Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Views

Listings with professional photos grabbed 118% more views than those without. They also sell 50% faster for a price 39% closer to asking.

Quality photos give potential buyers a first look at what you’re offering. It’s usually your listing’s first impression, so dress it up with great lighting, balanced composition, and a clear focus.

You can always shoot your own photos, but if you’re not great behind a lens it might make sense to outsource this one.  

real estate content marketingVR for Real Estate

Videos are becoming an increasingly popular way for buyers to take a first look at a property without leaving their keyboards.

In fact, 99% of buyers age 36 and younger begin the buying process online before reaching out to a realtor or seller.

A clear, concise video is a great opportunity to draw leads in and virtually showcase your offerings.   

Blog About It

Your blog can be the hardest-working part of your content marketing strategy. Choose topics that matter to your audience and bring your best insights to the table.

Remember: SEO may bring more eyeballs to your site, but quality content will keep them there.  

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Attract Motivated Sellers From Google

Content Marketing Made Simple. You don’t have to be an expert content marketer to generate leads online. Attract off-market highly motivated house / note / and land sellers with the most effective real estate investor websites in the industry. Download your 90 plan, watch the free training, and launch a motivated seller website today! Just choose the type of lead you’re looking to attract, launch that site (in under 8 seconds), customize, then roll!

How to Master SEO for Real Estate Investors

For many real estate investors, SEO simply isn’t a priority. This is a mistake though, as improving your SEO can also massively improve your bottom line. 

SEO for real estate investors doesn’t need to be complicated and time-consuming. We’ve got some tips that are easy to implement, even if you’re an SEO newbie. Let’s get started. 

SEO for Real Estate Investors

SEO is a critical part of any marketing plan. By improving your SEO, you’ll be able to:

  • Rank higher in search engines
  • Attract more visitors
  • Increase conversions.

Here are some things you can do to improve your SEO:

Start with your Domain Name

seo for real estate investors

If you haven’t yet bought your domain name, your first step is to think carefully about this.

You can brand your website with either a location or a name. A location will be more restrictive, and it’s more difficult to market out of that initial area. However, it can also make it easier to reach a specific niche. 

Ideally, you want to choose a keyword rich domain name that immediately tells potential visitors what you do. 

Consider Keywords For Real Estate Investors

Speaking of keywords, if you’ve looked into SEO in the past, you probably already know that these are crucial for SEO.   

Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to do some keyword research. The first step is to think like a human- how do you usually search when you type a query into Google? 

You’re looking for keywords which:

  • Are highly searched
  • Have low competition
  • Are related to what your customers would search for

You can download a Keyword Report For Real Estate Investors here.  Get Instant Access the top keywords motivated sellers and cash buyer are actually typing into the search engines.

Focus on Content

If you want to attract leads, you need to provide visitors to your website with relevant, helpful content that will keep them coming back for more. 

Not only does this show the search engines that your website should rank high, but you position yourself as an authority in the real estate niche. This means that visitors will see you as a trusted source when they have a question.

Check your Tags

Google limits your title tag based on pixels. This works out to be around 60 characters. It’s a good idea to try to stay within this limit.

Your images should also be optimized for SEO. Each image should include alt text which describes what the image is in case it can’t be displayed to your visitors. 

Be Mobile Friendly 

In 2015, 44% of Americans used their phones to search for real estate listings or information about a place to live. Mobile search has now overtaken desktop search in the United States, and it’s crucial that your website is mobile friendly.

What does this mean? Your website should be responsive, and its layout should change based on the type of device your visitor is using to access it. Google will soon be penalizing sites that are not mobile-friendly, so now is the time to make the change.

Ready To Use SEO To Grow Your Business Online?  

insiders guide real estate wholesaling

Attract Motivated Sellers From Google

Content Marketing Made Simple. You don’t have to be an expert content marketer to generate leads online. Attract off-market highly motivated house / note / and land sellers with the most effective real estate investor websites in the industry. Download your 90 plan, watch the free training, and launch a motivated seller website today! Just choose the type of lead you’re looking to attract, launch that site (in under 8 seconds), customize, then roll!

How To Close Several Deals A Month With SEO for Real Estate Investors

Click Play above to listen to this Carrot Cast Podcast.

In this episode of the Carrot Cast I am talking SEO with Trevor Mauch.

An SEO Master Breaks Down How To Closes 2-3 Real Estate Deals a Month From Real Estate Investor SEO.

Listen to my story as an entrepreneur and real estate investor and discover how I close several deals a month 100% from SEO.


Learn what I’m implementing in my business in terms of content creation and SEO (specifically and in what order) and how long it it took me to build out my online presence to create this SEO lead generation momentum machine.

I knew from my background that once I did the work, it would keep returning a benefit to me over and over again. Today, I’m reaping the rewards. – David Brown

“You can’t do any deals with SEO”.  I hear that a lot but it’s simply not true.  If you are willing to put in the time and effort you can do it too.  You just have to put in the work and be laser focused on building the process out for your investing business.

It’s about using a solid proven system and implementing the plan with consistency… then you’ll see results.

Get the 90 Day Plan And Insiders Guide To More Online Leads Here <<

I fuel my 30-40 deal per year business with a unique approach to Real Estate SEO and I share it with you in this podcast.

Learn exactly how I started, what I did to get going with real estate investor SEO in the first days and what I’m still doing today.

Hear about my newest project called American Snippets that highlights great and inspiring stories from people across this great nation.  It’s a a beacon of positivity and possibility designed to encourage national pride.

Listen in if you want to see exactly how I grow my real estate investor SEO rankings and how I close deals every month just from SEO alone.

Are you subscribed to Trevor Mauch’s Carrot Cast yet?  You can subscribe below on iTunes!

https://itunes.apple.com/…/carrotcast-amplify…/id1128895643… <=== Hit them up with a rating if you enjoyed this episode of the Carrot Cast.

The Science of Flipping And Finding Motivated Seller Leads Online

seller leads onlineThis a podcast I had the pleasure of doing with Justin Colby from The Science of Flipping.  In this interview Justin and I discuss how to capture motivated seller leads online and the importance of ranking on Google’s first page.

Finding off-market motivated seller leads online can be tricky, but with a clear plan, the right tools, and support you can have a tremendous amount of success implementing this inbound marketing strategy.

Get Top Google Rankings In Your Market So You Can Get More Sellers Leads Online

The biggest factor to consider first and foremost is do you have the right real estate investor website setup? Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you are getting your investor website setup.

  1. Is is it good at capturing leads
  2. Does it allow you to publish content (pages & posts)
  3. Does it help you rank in the search engines?

Your website should be able to cover all three of those things.  If it doesn’t I’d find solutions that does.  And if you are thinking of setting up your own I would re-consider that as well.   Do you really want to bother with the time it takes to deal with Hosting, domains, webmaster tools, spam, proper formatting, internal and external linking etc.  It can be a very complicated thing so if you struggle with technology this is something you should outsource.

A lot goes into getting a top ranking in Google. Google and the other search engines look at over 200 factors to determine where to rank your real estate investor websites.  I have extensive SEO experience and can help you gain an edge in the search engines and your competition. Use my detailed SEO training to how to find motivated sellers online, my recommended website platform, and you too can start seeing results in 90 days or less.

[thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’https://davebrown.net/how-to-find-motivated-sellers-online/’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Get Started Here[/thrive_link]

Have questions / stuck? I’ll guide you through it. You’re never alone.

Click Here To Schedule A Coaching Call

How To Find Motivated Sellers Online Using SEO

The Step By Step Process To Attract And Find Motivated Sellers Online Using SEO.

If you’re serious and want to find motivated sellers online then you need to start using the right keywords.Keywords are the foundation to marketing online and SEO.  Is SEO Worth It?  

You’ve heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and why it’s so important if you want to generate leads and more importantly find motivated seller online. But, my guess is that you are still wondering how SEO works, how to “hack” it so it’s something that you can implement easily without being a “techie”… and how it can help you get more leads and do more deals as a real estate investor.

First Off… let’s tackle the obvious question that we get a lot. Is SEO really going to make a difference for me? Is it worth it to spend time and/or money on it?

I get this question a few times a week. People wanting to know if it’s something they should really focus on or whether they should just forget it and focus on something else. The answer is…”it depends”.

I say “it depends’ because SEO is only worth as much as the keywords you’re trying to rank for. If the keywords (which I’ll explain below… and we’ll give you our in this blog post) that your real estate investor website is ranking for aren’t getting searched much… or they’re getting searched by the *wrong* people… then you’re going to be wasting a lot of time.

If the motivated seller keywords you try to rank your website for are what we call “money terms”… then ranking well for those terms can bring a flood of traffic to your site… and more leads… and hopefully more deals.

So, if you have a strategic plan for which keywords will produce solid motivated seller leads online for you… then YES, SEO can be well worth it. As a real world example, we run a website in the real estate world that gets about 600 – 800 website visitors a month 100% through SEO. We generate about 2-3 opt in leads a day from it. And it doesn’t cost us a dime. Is that something you’d like? Probably.

What Are Keywords Anyway?

keywordsSo, keywords are really a pretty simple concept. Whenever someone goes to Google (or any other search engine) and types something in that they’re looking for… Google delivers search results that it thinks match up to the search term. As an example… if you’re looking for an real estate attorney in your town… you may go to Google and type in “real estate attorney in [your city here]”… or “best real estate attorney in [your city here]”. You get the idea. As far as we’re concerned, that whole phrase that you searched… is a “keyword phrase”.

Basically, you want to find out what your prospect is actually “Googling” to find the solutions you can provide… and you want to use those exact search phrases as the “keywords” you’re trying to rank for on your website.

Relating this to real estate investing… as you’ll see in the keywords swipe file you can download in this article, you can see that the term “we buy houses” (22,000 times a month) gets searched many many many times more than “sell my home fast” (4,400 times a month).  Just a small difference gets 18,000 extra motivated sellers looking up that specific term each month.

That right there illustrates the importance of keywords… and knowing the right keywords to try to rank for. After all… it’s as much work to rank well for a terrible keyword term as it is to rank well for an effective one…so you might as well rank for ones that give you the most leverage. Right?  So how do you find the most effective keywords to find motivated sellers online?

Effective Keywords To Find Motivated Sellers Online

I’d love to say that this step is some hocus-pocus magical formula that only the rich and powerful have access to. But, I’d be lying.  In fact, most of the tools that we use to dig up the keywords we’ll be ranking for are 100% free. You just need to invest a bit of time into learning psychology and how people work to really be a kick butt “keyword sleuth”.

Here are the tools that we use to do our Keyword Research to find motivated sellers online:

The FREE Google Keyword Tool – Just type in a word or a phrase… and it’ll tell you how many times it’s searched each month.  Check out the Google Keyword Tool and Planner Here.

– “Google Search Hack” Method – Basically… Google’s “suggested searches” are a goldmine for actual keywords people are typing into Google.  All you have to do is type a word or phrase into Google…then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see the related searches and keywords.  See image below

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.46.58 AM

What To Do With The Keywords Once You Have Them

The last important step is to actually use the keywords you just got your hands.  This part is simple…but it’s the most mundane and time consuming too.  It’s the part that most people end up quitting before they see any real results.  So, if you are not the type of person who follows through effectively then building a marketing plan with SEO to find motivated seller leads online may not be right for you.

However,  if you don’t mind putting in the time and hard work in exchange for great, long-lasting results then you this can absolutely work for you.

That gets to me the next step.  It’s time to now take those keywords you’ve organized… prioritize on the top keywords you want your site to rank well… and other secondary keywords that you could rank for as well. Generally you want to pick one main keyword phrase that you want your website’s home page to rank for… then let your “internal pages” (your blog posts, pages on your site, etc.) rank for the other keywords.

Now this article is about how to find motivated sellers online but this process is the same for cash buyers and even private lenders too.  As an example, let’s say you have a cash buyer website and you do business in Miami.  One of the most popular keywords that people type in for this is “Investment properties in [city]”… so that would be a safe bet that if you could rank in the top 3 or so results in google for “investment properties in Miami”… that you’ll get leads.  See how it works? So, we’re going to aim your homepage at ranking for that term.

The Keywords To Find Motivated Sellers Online

So I could of just given you all the Keywords to find motivated sellers online right at the beginning of this article but you really need to understand the process and science behind it all.   Plus a lot of GURUS will give you with something useful (but it’s missing the key parts on how to actually do it)… then you gotta buy the thing to see how to do it.  I wanted to give you everything I had in this article…no strings attached.

I want to teach you how to get results with marketing online…whether you use our preferred lead generation website system, our preferred PPC Google Adwords provider, our motivated seller database, our consultations or none of the above it’s okay.  These strategies work.. and they’ll work on almost any other website system you decided to use for SEO.  Just make sure that the system you use is structured for real estate investor SEO…most are, but a lot of the systems offered by Guru’s and trainers are not.

So, we hope the groundwork we’ve laid in this article helps you understand things a little better.

The Keywords…

We’re not saying by any means saying that these keyword phrases to find motivated sellers online are THE ONLY ONES you’ll want to try to rank for. There’s lots of others. These are just some of the main ones that can help you get in front of more motivated sellers.   Oh…and as a special BONUS, we also included the top keywords for cash buyers and private lenders too.  You can thank us later 😉

[thrive_link color=’green’ link=’https://davebrown.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/REWW_Coaching_Keywords.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]DOWNLOAD THE KEYWORD REPORT NOW[/thrive_link]

Quick tips to help you cut the learning curve and get better results faster.

See the “Local Monthly Searches” column on the keyword swipes? Cool. That column represents the times that search phrase is searched each month with a location (city, state, etc.) attached to it. Globally is simply any time that phrase was included in a search.

Ex: On the motivated seller list… “we buy houses” is searched 27,100 times/month “Globally”… and 22,200 times/month “Locally”. That means, out of the 27,100 times the phrase was searched in total… 22,200 of those searches the person also put a location (city, state, etc.) in the search. Such as… “we buy houses st. louis” or “we buy houses Phoenix”… or “Phoenix we buy houses”. Get it? So, when you see a keyword that has a high “local searches”… that’s a good thing. If you invest in Miami, FL and you want to to rank and get leads from people searching “we buy houses”… you’ll optimize your site for “we buy houses miami”… not just the more broad “we buy houses”. It’ll be easier to rank for “we buy houses miami” and it’ll get you better quality leads. Get it?

So What’s Next?

You can take this training we’ve put together and use it in your business to get more motivated seller leads. Grab the keywords and spend a few hours this week to give your website a solid boost in search rankings using these simple but effective strategies.

I know lots of investors who don’t do or like dong SEO… and they still do a ton deals.  But, you’ll need to drive leads from somewhere… so get to work finding a strategy that will generate leads for you each week. In fact, even if you do put some focus into doing SEO of your website… we HIGHLY SUGGEST that you diversify and don’t just rely 100% on SEO.   The worst number in business is the #1.  Why?  Because if you take that one thing away you have nothing.  You shouldn’t rely on just one method to bring you leads.

Real Estate Investor SEO may or may not get you the volume of leads you need to do a few deals a month (depending on your market and the competition)… so always use a few lead generation strategies at all times to make sure leads are coming into the pipeline.

TOP 3 Lead Generation Strategies To Find Motivated Sellers Online

  1.  Get a real estate investor website that is actually great at capturing traffic and leads.  These are the exact websites I use in my business.  They are built for implementing the SEO strategies I’ve outlined for you above. Click Here To Learn More
  2.  Google Adwords / PPC marketing.   This a great strategy that will bring you deals every month.  I’ve partnered the world’s most effective Adwords campaigns – just for Real Estate Investors.  Start getting high-quality leads today! First Month Free
  3.  Direct mail using the Find Motivated Sellers Marketing Database.  Direct mail is the foundation marketing method for almost all real estate investors. Click Here To Learn More

Finally.  If you have a real estate investor website for your real estate investing business I would suggest that you spend 30 minutes to an hour a day building out new pages, blog posts, videos etc. Content is king and creating content that can be found on the internet is the ultimate form of attraction marketing.

Dominate Local Search In 3 Steps

How Real Estate Investors Can Dominate Local Search in 3 Steps and Get More Motivated Seller Leads

As a business coach I speak to real estate investors, entrepreneurs and small business owners all the time. Whenever I ask them about their online presence they either don’t have one or tell me something like, “I have a Facebook Business Page — is that what you mean?”   Although that is something you should have it’s not the first thing you should have when you want to establish an online presence that actually generates motivated seller and even cash buyer leads.

Dominating your local market starts with dominating your local search results online.  The first thing you MUST HAVE is a real estate investor website that is great at ranking and generating leads organically from the internet.  This is the real estate investor website platform that I use to do just that.

Once you have a solid foundation setup (your website) the next thing to focus on is creating as much content on your website as possible and to do it consistently week in and week out.   This content should be keyword rich with relevant terms that sellers and buyers are actually typing into the search engines.   This is process is know at SEO or search engine optimization.

SEO For Real Estate: How To Create Content Search Engines Love

So how do you do this?  We’ll the first thing you can do is to try and imagine who your ideal prospect or website visitor is.  In this instance let’s say it’s a seller.  What questions would that seller have? How could you help that potential seller?  Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers.   Use this is an outline to start creating content from.  When you’re creating this content be sure to think about relevant keywords.   You want to build out your real estate investor website with keyword rich content.   Be careful not to over use any keywords or keyword phrases…this is called stuffing and the search engines will penalize you if you repeat the keyword to many times.

Keyword stuffing is when you use a keyword a bunch of times on the page to try and trick Google into thinking that the page is all about that specific keyword. This is not a good practice because it doesn’t have a natural feel when the visitor is reading and that is what Google is really looking for.

Here are the top keywords that I am ranking for in my local market. Notice how after each keyword I include the area in which I want to target rank for.  I recommend creating a piece of content or a new city specific page for each town, city or county in your local market.

real estate investor keywords

Top SEO Keywords That Real Estate Investors Can Use To Dominate Local Search Results…

  1. sell house fast
  2. sell my house fast
  3. sell a house fast
  4. sell your house fast
  5. sell home fast
  6. need to sell house fast
  7. need to sell my house fast
  8. we buy houses
  9. we buy homes
  10. I buy houses
  11. I buy homes
  12. cash home buyers
  13. cash house buyers
  14. fast home buyers
  15. fast house buyers
  16. how to sell house fast
  17. sell house quickly
  18. sell house for cash
  19. buy my house
  20. buy my house fast
  21. sell without a Realtor
  22. sell house without an agent
  23. sell house with tenant
  24. sell house without repairs
  25. sell vacant house

These SEO Keywords for real estate investors can absolutely help you dominate local search results but they won’t do you any good unless you put them on your website.

Are You Ready To Dominate Local Search?  Follow these 3 Steps!

Step 1:  Build the right foundation and get signed up for website from my good friends over at Investor Carrot. Launch a Motivated Seller site, learn all about SEO, and start rank high on the search engines.

Step 2: Drive traffic to your site by posting good content on YouTube, Facebook, Craigslist and other sites.  You can also look into doing PPC marketing with Google AdWords.  This is a proven and effective way to get visitors to your website fast.  Get started with that here.

Step 3:  Create awesome stories, keyword rich content, and reports to get media attention along with great links.  Setup social media profiles for your business on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and start sharing your content on those profiles.

If you really want to dominate local search it’s going to take a lot work.  I’ve spent along time and countless hours building out my website but the results are no joke.  If you’re willing to role up your sleeves and commit to implementing a great content marketing strategy the payoff will be huge for you as well.

A lot of real estate coaches out there will tell you that you shouldn’t be doing so much of your own marketing work… that you need to be focusing on honing your negotiation and acquisition skills, not spending your time implementing your SEO.  But I feel it’s best to learn as much as you can about marketing in general.  After all we are marketers first and investors second.

I’d love to help you dominate your market… so get started with a consultation now!

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I don’t know what kind commitment you’ll be or how hard you’ll work but I will tell you that it’s entirely possible.  See how here!

How To Do Real Estate Investor SEO In 3 Simple Steps

How To Do Real Estate Investor SEO

Congrats, you’ve found the best Real Estate SEO source out there…

how to do real estate seoSearch Engine Optimization can be super confusing, tedious, and even boring but it’s absolutely essential if you want to generate leads from the search engines.   There is a ton of information out there and most of it is contradictory or outdated so I’be put together this page for you as resource to help you get started.

Many marketers online will rely on spamming to build there business. That won’t work. You can look anywhere and find that you will need to learn how to do seo in order to generate organic traffic to your sites. Unless you do a paid marketing strategy. The main difference between paid marketing and organic is that organic is free traffic and it’s more of a long term strategy. Paid traffic is quick hit and only lasts as long as you keep paying for the traffic to go to your website.

If you learn how to do real estate seo you can generate residual organic traffic to your real estate website and get paid months and years on something you did today.

Now THAT is leverage. So, if you are trying to get your real estate website ranked in the search engines then start by implementing some of the steps below.

This is how I got started doing real estate investor SEO and this is where you can begin too.

I learned how to do SEO back in 2010. I had no idea really what I was doing. It just kind of happened by accident. I was making videos and articles and all of a sudden I was getting tons of traffic and leads and making sales.  I really had no idea what was happening…LOL.  I dug in and started to really study the process and discovered there are a few very simple steps involved.

What I will do is break down the 3 SIMPLE steps to properly learn how to do real estate investor SEO.

1. Keyword Research

This is ABSOLUTELY necessary in learning how to do real estate investor SEO.  Keyword research tells you how much traffic a particular keyword gets each and every month. You can go to Google’s free keyword research tool and use that. You want search for a keyword that has plenty of traffic as well as a low to medium competition level. Obviously you can still rank for higher competition levels but lets focus on ranking on the 1st page of google FAST! The tool I recommend is SEMRush.

2. Optimizing your Content

I highly recommend using Yoast.  Yoast is an seo plugin that you can use and it will tell you if your content is structured properly.  This will help you get the proper keyword density as well as tags and everything else. You will use this plugin with your word press blog or real estate website. If you don’t have a word press blog or real estate website then I highly recommend getting one that is self hosted or just use a turnkey system like oncarrot for your real estate website.

3. Backlinking To Your Content

This is by far the most efficient way to drive traffic to your site and get ranked organically in the search engines. You can create backlinks through sites such as ping.fm , other ping sites and more.   Social bookmarking is huge right now for search engine optimization, you can have that done on fiverr.com.  Article marketing and press releases are still one of the best ways to get backlinks to your site. I also use and also recommend The Hoth for this!

4. Repeat I know I only said 3 steps but the fourth step is to just do steps 1-3 all over again with a different keyword. As you continue to do this you will get better. As you get better you will make more money while driving more traffic to your sites.

Want to know More?  Discover Everything Investors Need To Know About SEO

Effective Real Estate Investor Lead Generation

Grow your real estate investing traffic, leads, and results with the On Carrot online marketing software. Our customers are generating nearly 10,000 inbound leads per month right now… and growing (sellers, buyers, tenants, rent to own, and more).

Effective real estate investor lead generation starts with a great website

How is your real estate investor website performing for you? Is it actually generating leads?

Elegant & effective Real Estate websites pre-loaded with content that works for:


Your new InvestorCarrot website will be search engine optimized for your market.

Unlimited custom “squeeze pages” are included so you can generate consistent and targeted leads, and integration with popular email autoresponders like Aweber and MailChimp is included on all sites.

These websites are also optimized for all devices so your real estate investor website looks & works great everywhere!


80% of homebuyers search the internet first when they’re looking for a home.

Investor Carrot websites make it easy for you to leverage the internet and social media to find buyers, sellers, and private lenders and to systemize parts of your lead generation.

This real estate investor website system is generating thousands of leads every day and it’s radically transformed the way I do my business.

In fact the sites at On Carrot have generated over 920,452 website visitors in 2014 to all the member real estate investor websites…

One of the InvestorCarrot members I spoke on the phone with last week told me that 100% of her motivated seller leads in 2014 came from SEO. That’s it. SEO. In 1 city. She closed 20+ deals from those leads in her first full year as a full-time wholesaler.  Now, that doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to you. She worked for it. But for those who say that SEO can’t provide consistent leads to fuel your business… she did it.   That’s the power of these lead generation real estate investor websites!

Gain An Unfair Advantage With This Method Of Real Estate Investor Lead Generation

With the glut of real estate investor websites out there, separate yourself from the rest by simply being credible.  Positioning yourself online is one of the fastest and best ways to build credibility and authority in your local real estate market.

Your new Investor website with On Carrot is built with credibility building elements like the professional-clean site design, testimonials app, social media links, pre-built education, and more!

I personally have been looking for a quality, clean, effective, and easy to use real estate website system for my clients and my coaching students. Now I recommend it to them every time.

With the On Carrot Inbound Marketing Methodology built into your websites, it gives you an edge to more easily get in front of your prospects online (Plant), build credibility and convert those prospects into leads (Nurture), Grow your business and Harvest more leads into profitable deals.

What Makes OnCarrot Great?

Investor Carrot makes it easy to manage your real estate investing website, generate leads, build credibility,
and take control over your online brand and marketing once and for all!

On Carrot Inbound Online Marketing
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