How to use bandit signs for real estate investing

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Real Estate  Investor Bandit signs

A great way to drive leads to your real estate investing website and get your phone to ring off the hook.

If you’re a real estate investor then your business will only survive by locating undervalued or distressed properties in your local area. Bandit signs can bring these buyer and seller leads to your office.

Bandit signs are those small signs you see while driving, they are usually seen on telephone poles and at major intersections. Bandit signs have been predominately used by real estate investing companies and they are very similar to those used by Realtors when advertising homes for sale. These bandit signs are very affordable, they come in various sizes and they are a great way to attract both buyer and sellers for your real estate flipping business.

How to use Bandit Signs for real estate investing

If you are a real estate investor then you should definitely have bandit signs on every property you have. You should also be putting bandit signs around town and near the busiest traffic and high visibility areas. When you’re putting out these signs be sure to avoid the “sign police”, these are the folks that work for your local Town and enforce local codes. Putting your signs up high or putting them out strictly on the weekends is a great way to avoid any problems with the “sign police” Its all a great way to avoid having a lot of them taken.

When using bandit signs be sure to keep your message simple.

real estate investor bandit signsRemember you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your potential customer. You want to make sure that they will have enough time to get your contact information. Make sure your message is large and keep it only to a few lines. Bandit signs are great for instantly building your buyers lists and seller leads for your real estate investing business but it’s also a fantastic and low cost way to build your brand. Even if you phone doesn’t ring, and if they ever need your services they will be more likely to look you up if they do. Besides, whenever you work with someone who has seen one of your signs you will have an immediate psychological advantage over your competition. You will be known as the go to business and will find and close deals much easier.

Adding credibility to your marketing, bandit signs and real estate investing company is essential and another great tip is to use a 800 number. Many investors flipping houses have great success using local numbers, however a toll free number offers the ability to capture caller contact detail in case they get distracted on the road and do not leave a message. Advanced toll free number tools will even allow callers to enter certain preferences or even request faxed, text and emailed lists of your properties.

Bandit signs are great way to “kick it up notch” in your flipping houses business. If you’ve never used them then you should definitely give them a try to see how they work in your local market. Remember, to include your business name, logo and even your real estate investor website address. A great source to buy bandit signs is

You can also create bandit signs all over the internet using your real estate investor website.  If you do this you can absolutely dominate your local market. Let’s face it…a lot of people drive by those real estate investor bandit signs fairly quickly.  What do you think they probably do when they get home?  They go straight to their computer and type in “We buy houses” or  “Sell my house fast” in Google. When they do that do you come up in the search engines?  I know I do.  My strategy is to let all the other investors in my area put out bandit signs, then when the seller gets home and searches for what they just saw I come up.  How cool is that?   Check out this article so you can learn how<<


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