5 Ways To Find Motivated Sellers

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5 Ways To Find Motivated Sellers Without Burning Too Many Hours

As a real estate investor you know you really make your money when you buy a house at the right price and that is why it’s crucial that you find motivated sellers, sellers who really want to sell their house.

There’s only two ways really to find motivated sellers: Get them to come to you or you go to them. The methods are as simply a way to achieve one or the other. As a real investor, motivated sellers are the foundation of your success.

Use Marketing Material To Attract Motivated Sellers

5 ways to find motivated sellersDon’t hesitate to crunch the numbers and shout your successes as a real estate investor or find a marketing professional, who will do this for you. Don’t be afraid use real numbers or statements, “I’ve sold 75 percent of all houses that were listed with me within six months,” “I saved a dozen families last year from having to undergo the foreclosure process,” or “I have sold over 1,000 houses in my career; all of my sellers were satisfied with the resulting deal.” Why? If a seller is motivated and wants to sell their house fast, they still want to know “why you.” And don’t forget you need a great real estate investor website that answers the question, too.

Find Motivated Sellers..In The Obituaries

Search the obituaries for opportunities and to find motivated sellers. While this seems a little morbid, you are actually filling a need. The family of the deceased needs to sell the house fast. They don’t know where to start and you’re offering them an easy way to achieve their goal of selling the house fast. Now, you don’t have to call them right away. Send them a brochure or other marketing material–this is where #1 comes in handy–in the mail to the deceased’s address. The loved ones will be getting the mail. If they don’t get in touch, give them a call in a couple of weeks. Tread lightly. These people are in mourning and will be sensitive to the intrusion.

Keep An Eye Out For Run down or Vacant Properties

Abandoned properties are gold mines. Often times this is a great ways to find motivated sellers.  The owner could be in a nursing home, facing foreclosure or some other hardship. This is your opportunity to swoop in, solve their problem and make money.

Cold Call…The For Rent Section of the Classified to find motivated sellers

Houses without tenants are a burden for their owners and the owner might just “yes” during this period. They don’t want the burden of finding and dealing with a new tenant. You offer them an easily way out and many take it. You can also find out their address or send a marketing brochure to the house if cold calling isn’t something you want to do.

Use The Court System to find motivated sellers

Anyone in your area in legal financial trouble has to make it known in court. If you’re lucky, you have a publication that offers a summary of these records for your area. These newspapers offer leads to divorced, tax liens, bankruptcy, and other individuals under going financial trouble. You might just be the answer to their prayers; they need to get out from under their mortgage payment. Call them or mail your brochure. Then, “warm” call them in a week or so.

Bonus Tip: Another way to find motivated sellers is to send realtors in your area your brochure with a letter, stating you buy distressed properties. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Being a real estate investor is a tough job with many wasted hours, trying to find motivated sellers ready to part with their property. The above six ways are the most successful ways to hustle when finding motivated sellers. You are targeting individuals, who need to part with their properties. What method of finding motivated sellers has worked best for you?

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