E060: Marie Cosgrove – Faith, Grit, And Hope

Marie Cosgrove had every reason to fail. She had every excuse to quit on her own life – a life that arose out of violence and was raised in trauma. But for every act of man or fate that tried to end her life or keep her down, Marie fought back.

Well before her 30th birthday she’d endured decades of abuse, escaped two violent marriages, and lead her four young children into new lives despite the never-ending drumbeat of adversity.

Today Marie is a titan in the same industry she was warned she would never succeed in. She became the CEO of a company that once fired her, and she sold a company she created and built into a $14 million business.

She’s a leader in her own life and executive director in the John Maxwell team. She’s an author and a highly acclaimed speaker. Through her creation of The Virtue Project, she’s instrumental in guiding today’s youth through their own immense struggles.

Drop whatever you’re doing and listen in to Marie’s incredible story of faith, grit, and hope.

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