5 Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics

5 Real Estate Lead Generation TacticsWith technology growing daily, real estate companies and firms all over the world are faced with one of the most challenging business processes: marketing.

With so many opinions out there, it can be stressful to decide which lead generation tactics are best for your unique style.

Is it worth the time and effort to put forth a killer email newsletter each month? Is anyone going to read that amazing blog post from you, resulting in your contact form being filled out? The simple answer is yes.

In fact, it is time to get back to the basics of your lead generation.

Here are five real estate lead generation tactics that you simply cannot ignore.

Lead Generation Tactics For Real Estate: Forms that Generate Leads

Your website is the most important “property” you will ever own as a real estate professional.

In fact, 90 percent of home buyers use an online search at some point to find homes that fit their bill. What they see in their search engine as well as what they see when they make the click is extremely important.

You may already be familiar with the importance of high-quality, genuine and share-worthy content on your website. If so, you may already have all of this in place. If you do, it is time to use this content to generate leads by adding forms.

A form can be used for several things including:

  • A contact form to request a consultation
  • An email newsletter form to request new homes
  • An option to receive a free “guide” or other marketing collateral

All of these options create an influx of leads that come directly to you. They come complete with demographic information and the golden email address. This kind of data simply cannot be purchased.

Forms can be (and should be) added to your blog, your home galleries and other pages. This means they can’t just stay your contact page.

Getting Forms Filled

How do you get that form filled out by that viewer? I’m glad you asked.

A blog post that is optimized correctly and worthy of reading may bring home buyers to your website through that outlet. The chances of the viewer filling out that form increase by a ton if the content is up to par.

The key is to remember that content should be seen as a high priority for your digital presence. Your digital footprint should include a professional website, a social media presence and content that blows your audience away.

After all, an audience member that is moved to contact you by form is an audience member that can be a lead for the years to come.

A human business card of sorts.

Smart Email Marketing

Speaking of contact forms and newsletters, next on our list is smart email marketing.

This is not just simply sending out a newsletter each month to your entire email base. Instead, this is being smart about your leads: treating them as unique.

Email segmentation is the process of adding contacts to marketing campaigns that are the best fit for the lead.

For your real estate firm, your email segments could look like this:

  • Homeowners who have purchased
  • New home buyers looking for properties in general
  • New home buyers looking for properties for x amount of dollars

And so on. The segmentation is up to you.

However, the importance of this lies in your ability to properly speak to your leads, creating email campaigns that actually work.

How do you measure a lead’s hot or cold status by sending them irrelevant emails that they will not open regardless?

You don’t.

Instead, you send them relevant content and measure the results after.

This type of email marketing will help you further segment your leads into groups that are hot and groups that are a bit colder. This will further your lead nurturing efforts.

Use Your Media

It may seem as if blog content and emails run the gamut in the marketing game.

However, for real estate agents who sell homes, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Blog content and email content is obviously important. The same is true for multimedia marketing including photography and video.

Are you using videos to show off those amazing properties to home buyers or simple photos? You should be using both.

YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of total internet users. And one-third of online activity is spent watching a video. With stats like that, your real estate business should be investing in high-quality video.

Buyers are looking for homes they can visualize themselves living in. They want to see what their money will be investing in. The best way to help your buyers visualize the property is to show them in real time.

The Benefits of Video

Videos can do more for you than show off your beautiful properties. Viewers are trending towards videos that show the human side of their realtors, including vlogs that show the inner workings of the agency to life outside of it.

Along these same lines, videos of your happy homeowners that have purchased a property from you add a sense of realness and confidence to your firm.

Creating content that a viewer can connect to is the ultimate marketing tool and will help you grab the most leads.

Use Your Social Media Ads

The list of lead generation tactics is incomplete without the mention of social media ad campaigns. After all, the real estate market is a visual market.

Have you ever tried to explain a property using just words?


Social media ads are a great way for your leads to get instant gratification in the form of a visual. Better yet, these ads are fully targeted to the demographic searching for your listing.

The ad doesn’t stop there. Instead, you can use social media ads to advertise events, featured listings, a newsletter, special offer and more.

Your audience can simply click the ad and be redirected to your business page, website or contact form for more information. The lead is almost instantaneous.

The proof that it works is in the stats:

  • The click rate lift for using a call to action button is 2.85X.
  • The average Facebook advertising revenue per user for the US is $8.26.
  • There are 1.39 billion active Facebook users per month.

94% of marketers use the Facebook platform for lead generation tactics.  Since 66% saying it is effective, the odds are in your favor.

This type of lead generation combines ad creation skills that you already possess and are probably already invested in with the mobile universe.

Automate Your Lead Generation Tactics

If you are going to put into play all of these lead generation tactics, it is important to know that the leads will come in fast.

So fast in fact that your ability to keep up with the leads in the correct way will be impossible organically.

The best way to keep up is to automate your lead generation tactics into one system that will manage them for you.

It is simply bad practice to gain a hot lead, only to lose them by not following up or sending lead generation materials directly to them. No one wants to lose a hot lead.

There are many different ways to automate your lead generation tactics, including the use of automation software. Automation software can be customized to fit your marketing needs. It can also give you alerts and an up to date report of your marketing status.

Automation also gives you the ability to see more data than an organic system will.

This includes seeing what marketing tactics are working, which ones are not and who you need to nurture.

Automation can also help you view hot leads versus cold leads, set up email segmentation campaigns, drip campaigns and more, all in a user-friendly way.

In order to avoid the mistake of a hot lead turned cold, it is important to look into automation for your marketing endeavors.

The Wrap Up

As the proud owner of a real estate firm, marketing your beautiful properties is on the top of your business process list.

Lead generation tactics are important for your marketing strategy and should be focused on to ensure a high rate of closing.

Here is a quick overview of the marketing tactics discussed:

Using forms to generate leads

This includes forms for contact, newsletters and more. They can be placed on your blog, website, social media, etc.

Smart email marketing

Using email list segmentation to place your leads into categories to help enhance the click rate of your emails.

Using your media

This includes using video to showcase your brand, inside and out.

Using social media ads

Facebook ads are viewed by hundreds and thousands each month. They are an instant visual for your home buyers.

Lead generation tactics automation

By automated your lead generation, you are able to keep hot leads hot by following up, sending direct marketing tools and more.

Lead generation doesn’t have to be complicated. Get back to the basics with these five lead generation tactics that will change your marketing game.

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