Inbound Marketing For Real Estate Investors

Inbound Marketing For Real Estate Investors

Getting visitors to your website is simple, if you know inbound marketing and search engine optimization works.

inbound marketingThe ultimate goal when getting a real estate investor website online is to generate as much traffic as possible so you can convert that traffic to leads and those leads into increased revenue & deals.   However,  it ‘s not just about traffic… it’s about targeted traffic.  Targeted traffic is the traffic that could actually have some interest in your product or service.  For real estate investors that targeted traffic would be motivated sellers, cash buyers, or even private lenders.

So how do you generate motivated seller and cash buyer traffic on the internet?

Here are four easy real estate investor inbound marketing tips to explode your business!

These tips help you crush the competition and double your business when marketing your real estate investor website online.

Focus on your customers instead of your competition?

It’s very rare for a Motivated Seller to shop around for investors. The homeowners that would do that typically either sell their house as a FSBO or list it with a real estate agent.   When sellers to choose to sell their houses to an investor they typically go with the first person/business they can trust and ask for a cash offer straightaway.

That’s why the most important thing you can do at the beginning is just to drive targeted traffic to your real estate investor website and not focus on trying to beat your competition in search rankings right away because that can take time, but finding other ways to reach people — stuff like direct mail, signs, flyers, craigslist ads, etc – anything that has your website on it that you can get in front of someone who might want to sell their property is a terrific way to drive traffic.   These are old-school ways of generating leads and growing  your business and you should have an even mix of these strategies as well as focusing on building your presence on the internet.

That’s why generating quality traffic to your site from many sources is absolutely essential to grow a sustainable business… again, you don’t want your business to depend upon one source of traffic like a search engine, since rankings can change overnight.  You also want to implement multiple sources of traffic.

Write a weekly blog post and share it.

It sounds too simple, right? It couldn’t be that simple? Trust me, it is really that simple.  Now, putting up the weekly blog post isn’t enough to generate leads. You also have to build traffic.

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One the takeaways from this post is to switch your thinking and behavior.  Outbound marketing (direct mail, flyers, postcards, etc) is a great strategy but you need to stop chasing people, and start attracting them.  Building credibility and authority through blogging is THE best way I know to harness the power of the law of attraction.

What do you blog about?  Post good information on how to handle probates, estates, foreclosures, tax liens and other difficult situations that often lead to fast cash sales to investors.

Here are some other ideas for pretty fast and easy blog posts for your real estate investor website:

  • Tell a neighborhood story
  • Promote an upcoming community event
  • Review a great local business
  • Make a list of churches and types of worship available nearby
  • Make lists of architecture styles, unique home features, or other special local real estate info
  • Comment on local news story, current event or issue
  • Attend a public meeting and write about it
  • Spotlight a great non-profit
  • Do a cost of living comparison with real examples (use good data sources)
  • List the top employers in your area and provide some commentary
  • Lists of best local businesses by category (barbershop, auto repair, etc – Yelp is a great source of content)
  • Market statistics for your area, such as average sale prices, absorption rates, etc.
  • Local travel tips for visiting tourists or relocating buyers (everyone wants insider knowledge)
  • Review of a real estate guide, book or blog
  • Common (or uncommon) real estate hoaxes and scams
  • How to shop for investment property
  • Things that go wrong with real estate sales

Make A Compelling Offer

Here’s where the rubber meets the road… conversions happen on your real estate investor website because people like your offer! So figure out how can you make your offer to motivated sellers and or cash offers more attractive? Perhaps you can offer a free report to sellers who might be interested in selling their house to you? Or a free report to potential cash buyers or buyers who might purchase a house from you.… a highly compelling offer with the right call to action can really make your lead generation soar through the roof!  You should have this compelling offer and call to action at the end of every piece of content or blog post you write.

Search Engine Optimization and Keywords

Learning what the best real estate investor keywords are for your inbound marketing strategy and using them effectively is very important for driving targeted traffic to your real estate website.  This is a key element in Real Estate SEO.  The more effective and accurate keywords you use will have a direct impact on your page or post appearing in the search results.  Search engines give preference to keywords so you should know what you are doing when you start putting keywords in your content.  Researching keywords for the real estate niche is something you definitely need to be doing for real estate inbound marketing efforts.

Optimize Your Websites For Real Estate Investor Inbound Marketing

You know that you should be optimizing your website, right? Optimization is critical to getting found on search. Fortunately, it’s super easy to optimize your website when you have the right tools and system… we have the tools built right in our system, and we can help you rank high in your market.

Want to Get Started with Real Estate Investor Inbound Marketing in  3 easy steps?

Step 1: Get signed up for OnCarrot, launch a Motivated Seller site, learn all about SEO, and rank high.

Step 2:  Drive traffic to your site by posting good content on YouTube, Facebook, Craigslist and other sites.

Step 3:  Create awesome stories, articles, and reports to get media attention along with great links to your website pages.

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Hahaha…I never said it was gonna be easy… but these 3 steps can get you one step closer to market domination.

Revealed: Changing your beliefs can change your life

Change Your Beliefs And Change Your Life

change your belief change your lifeA perfect classic example is obviously Roger Bannister. In 1954 Roger Bannister became the first person in the world to run the 4 minute mile. Before 1954, scientists and doctors all agreed that it was impossible for the human body to run a mile under four minutes. Studies showed not only that it was impossible but it was extremely dangerous. If you attempted to run a mile in under 4 minutes your heart might explode. Your nervous system would break down and you could collapse and drop dead.

But Roger Bannister had a dream, a goal, and he didn’t believe what all the doctors and scientists were saying.  He was self disciplined and continue to train and work towards breaking this barrier. And he proved it by being the first human to run a mile in under four minutes.

Now here is the cool and interesting part of the story. After Roger Bannister proved it was possible to run a 4 minute mile then over the next 12 months dozens of other athletes also ran a mile under four minutes. You see nobody believed it could be done but as soon as 1 person did it everyone’s belief system changed.

“What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve.”
Norman Vincent Peale

Here is how it works: Research psychology of performance has proven that there is a definitive link between the mind and the body, and what you think and believe will affect how you behave and perform, thus shape your entire life.

Again, if the belief was it’s impossible to run a mile in under four minutes, your body will reinforce that by proving it over and over and over again. For all the attempts that were made nobody could do it. As soon as one person disproved that belief now all the sudden, dozens of athletes did it in the whole next year….powerful!!!

The same process holds true for any goal, dream, desire. The impossible is possible. YOU just have to belief, take massive action, stay consistent and reap the rewards.

This story of Roger Bannister is proof that the mind and the body work in complete harmony. What you think and believe about yourself is what will manifest in your reality.

[pullquote align=”normal”]Confidence breeds success and success comes from trying, failing and learning from your failures. The way to become great at anything in life is to consistently rehearse and practice something you would love to become great at. To be confident you need to stop playing the victim and start playing like a creator. Change your mindset and realize that life doesn’t happen to you but you happen to life. Slow down and be present in everything you do.  Put the time in that others won’t so you can do and accomplish things that others can’t! [/pullquote]