Reverse Wholesaling Case Study

A Professional Online Real Estate Investor Website, Flipping Houses And The Art Of Reverse Wholesaling.

Wow that’s a long sentence to swallow but having a professional online presence as a real estate investor is extremely important when it comes to credibility and authority in your market place.  Why?

Let me explain! (Reverse Wholesaling Case Study)

In 2012 I got a lead on a deal about 20 miles from our office. My business partner Randy pre-screened the lead and instantly knew it had potential.  The sellers… an elderly couple who were moving to North Carolina.  They didn’t owe anything on their house and just wanted out fast so they could make their move.  My business partner Randy visited the house, met with sellers and made an offer.

They didn’t except the offer right away  because they had another investor interested in the property and wanted to hear what he had to offer.  This investor was from the city 2 hours south of us.

The sellers called my partner back up and  said that they would sell our company the property. Randy asked them why they went with us and the sellers said, “Even though the other investor offered us more money, when we looked him up we couldn’t find him online!!  But you guys were all over!”  WOW!!  Awesome right?  You see the simple fact is that when the sellers went into the search engines to look us up they actually found us.

BOOM…Instant Credibility, Instant Authority!

So I hope you are taking notes! 😉  Here is the best part. Because we use a technique  called reverse wholesaling we already had a buyer lined up for this property. What is reverse wholesaling?  Reverse wholesaling is the #1 strategy in real estate investing and all it means is that you take almost all of the risk out of wholesaling by building a hungry list of cash buying investors and rehabbers first.  You find out what they want and where the want to buy then you simply go out and look for motivated sellers in those areas.

With this deal we got the property in contract for $60k and we sold it to a rehabber who was on our buyer’s list for $79k!!  We made a 19k profit by being the middleman and bringing one of our buyers the kind of deal they loved.  The sellers were happy, the buyer was happy and we were REALLY HAPPY!

This is why you need a clean, professional real estate investor website and presence online! The ROI on these type of deals is huge.  You do the work once and it keeps delivering over time.

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