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Dave Brown

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Hi, my name is Dave Brown and I’m grateful that that our paths have crossed.  My mission, and my purpose is to empower those who want to change their life and pursue their passions.

I approach my life with the core belief that anyone can take the reins and design any life they want. You can create a lifestyle that provides the freedom for you to pursue your passions, spend more time with your family, express your creativity and live the life of your dreams.  Some say that it’s not possible to live life on your own terms.  That’s it’s not possible to live a life of freedom doing what you want — when you want.  And while some may believe that to be true, I couldn’t disagree more.

I’ve always believed that the greatest risk in life is to live a life that doesn’t fulfill you.  If you’re an entrepreneur, or want to become one, I believe I have some insights and experiences that can help you realize your full potential and discover what’s truly possible so you can impact the lives of others in a big way.


American Snippets is the brainchild of Entrepreneur Dave Brown, and Author & Speaker Barbara Allen. We feature stories that will not simply inspire people, but propel them into action in their own lives. Our commitment to ourselves is to work hard to live lives that we are excited to live. Our commitment to you is to incite you to do the same. By sharing compelling stories about people who answered their challenges with conviction and found their own success, we prove it’s possible. These are extraordinary people who take the necessary steps to achieve their dreams while influencing their communities and others.  By telling you about all the ways these people also give back to their community or their country, we remind you of the value in doing so.

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Sign up and get my free guide:

Your Perfect Day: 7 simple steps to get you motivated, driven, and focused on your perfect day